The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Imperial Legion
Collection by: ^SYP^ Anwar
This simple collection focuses on "The Fourth Imperial Legion of Skyrim".Those of you out there who think that Skyrim belongs to the Empire, and will fight to the death to keep it out of the hands of some "snoty elf" or "Stormcloak rebel". Well then this ...
Mods i use!
Collection by: Jenner
This a collection off all the mods i have subscribed to.
Collection by: gilesht2000
Visual/Audio Enhacnments
Collection by: Gooby
Skyrim - Graphic
Collection by: 4uHrucXaH
Разнообразные текстуры для игры TES - Skyrim
Collection by: Naru D. Samus
meine soße
Grim's Skyrim Bundle
Collection by: ₪| Gaben ™
Just a couple of mods that don't make your character OP, more just to flesh out the game with more items, extra activities etc.
My Mods Set 101
Collection by: harshlander7
Personal taste of the best , no crap here ! all DLC + Skyui + Skse needed to run as1 .
Collection by: wowfanjz
Survival And Imersion
Collection by: ButterMyWaffles
This collection adds a range of mods that make skyrim more imersive and adds an element of survival, making it somewhat necesary to eat,drink and sleep to run a few of the mods in this collection you will need a script extend like SKSE which I recomend. N...
Skyrim - Weapon & Armor
Collection by: 4uHrucXaH
Добавленная Броня и оружие в TES - Skyrim
Ranger/Archer/Theif/Hunter Mods
Collection by: BeckyTheBandit
I always loved playing as an Archer/Ranger in Skyrim, especially along with the Theives Guild as I think their storyline is the most enticing. However I always wished there was a little more that would go with it. To make gameplay more interesting and eng...
Sevennamed's Race Mods
Collection by: Sevennamed
Sevennamed's Race Mods.
Convenient Tweaks
Collection by: Mr. Spaz
No lollygaggin'.
All mods
Collection by: Svenson IV
All mods I use for myself.
Towns and Villages Enhanced
Collection by: Ryukishi
DerAlleinTiger's Item Mods
Collection by: [KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger
This is a collection of all my item mods. They're all just re-stat-ed items and most are armor. Whenever I make a mod like this, I keep the original item intact and without any modifications. So you don't need to worry about compatibility issues or mes...
Doctor Who mods
Collection by: Jamma77
A collection of Doctor who mods for skyrim. Credits: Me: Playable Time Lord race and Clara Oswald follower ShatteredSteel: TARDIS Doctor Scoot: Regeneration tcmaxwell2: Dr who followers mod
Dovahkiin Collection
Collection by: Ravenblood
My personal mod list for The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
Callahan's Favs.
Collection by: Disciple16
these are armors,and mods that i like and they look good.
Collection by: zezblit
Welcome, fellow mod user, to my collection of mods (all of which I use) that I believe to be one of the best out there. This is a huge collection and covers everything from zombies to grass, whith everything being lore-friendly and designed for fun. All o...
Dense Skyrim
Collection by: Zukzuk
Diverser populated and fuller world, more sound, better graphics and lighting, better UI and quest tracking. All in all a 'denser' experience. Also, NPC's shut up more ;)
skyrim magic boost
Collection by: sniperman 127
hey there fellow spell casters you down because you can not take down a group of enimes while a orc with a axe can kill a dragon . well i know how that feels so i got thosuands of magic mods together.
z4ne.brown's mods
Collection by: KILLERFREAK74
This a collection of my mods; 2 companion mods and an Armor and Weapon Booster mod. They all work together great. I made the companions specifically have people that work good with the mod. They are brother and sister but do not notice each other at all.
TheManInUrPC's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: TheManInUrPC
Along with many graphical mods, this collection also contains some extra mods for the game itself. These mods do not affect FPS whatsoever for me, but there is not guarantee that it will not affect your FPS in game. Hope you like it! WARNING: Some of th...
Collection by: Opeb
um why are you looking at this
Collection by: /) Brohoof.Inc (\
Collection by: pcjdsadam
this is my skyrim
The Great Outdoors
Collection by: The.Lawndart
A collection of disparate mods that I feel have made this game more interesting. Everything from food and drink, a place to sleep beside the trail, better lighting, usable mead casks and barrels, as well as audio and visual improvements while delving i...
Essential Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Mutant Platypus
These mods are fixes that Bethesda should really have included by now, and super-useful (but lore-friendly and not game-easing) mods that EVERYONE should have. This list is VERY conservative, so it's short an sweet and is probably missing a lot of mods y...
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