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Goober and Sam's Ideal Collection
Collection by: Samio
Ideal, essential mods at your convenience. Special Thanks to Goobertrooper for the tips!
Enhanced skyrim
Collection by: .:{CdA}{john_be}:.
It's just my choice of really good mods on skyrim to enhanced graphics. I have no problems on : Asus p8z77 I5-3570 MSI GTX 560 Ti OC Just 1 sec of loading between both of area... Enjoy it! ^^
Cdizzles Collection
Collection by: Believe
This is a Collection for my Homie Cdizzle The Only Mods I Run on the Nexus are: Alternate Start - Live Another Life Skyrim Monster Mod & Skyrim Monster Mod Extras n Collectables MY OTHER COLLECTON LINKS If You Want The Complete Weaponry/A...
make skyrim fun
Collection by: Mr.Nalicow
here there be food
Collection by: Lightningboltkd
epic gigantic food
For Shaun
Collection by: Lights
Wraithwain's Collection of Favorite Mods
Collection by: Wraithwain
A bunch of my favorite mods, for easy reference for my friends.
Collection by: Bipolar Sunshine
to andrey
Atheistus's awesome Skyrim
Collection by: Atheistus
This is my Setup for Skyrim. But besides the Mods in the Workshop i use a good amount of extra Addons from the nexus. For the best and graphically awesomest experience use them too. Th nexus mods are the following: Achieve That! Dark Brotherhood: Resu...
Collection by: [UDC] Crazyking
A collection of wildlife - including creatures and foliage.
Skyrim Maximum Graphics
Collection by: Garzak
Best mods to enhance Skyrim graphics. Work perfectly with a Geforce 560 Ti. ---------------------------------------- Les meilleurs mods pour améliorer les graphismes de Skyrim. Tourne impec avec une Geforce 560 Ti.
Dracorath's Skyrim Collection (01/01/13)
Collection by: Dracorath
For my stream viewers.
Burger Set
Collection by: Burgeri
I am a hardcore roleplayer and have been playing Skyrim for 850+ hours. My mod set is fairly modest but people have been asking for it, so here you go. Note that while I avoid using Fast Travel whenever possible, it has not been disabled because sometimes...
hellochris mod collection
Collection by: badabar82
Gameplay: Difficulty Changes/Tweaks/Items/Quests
Collection by: Casper
Just like my Armor and Weapons collection, I'm just doing a sanity pass on all my mods and grouping them up. Feel free to enjoy other peoples work that I enjoy. Additional Nexus mods: UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Manic's Realism
Collection by: ManicmultiSniper
My collection of mods that I use, that all work together, for a entertaining realism, both graphically and gameplay altering. I run a SSD, an AMD 955 quad core, and an EVGA 4602WIN. I experience no stalling, no freezing, and beautiful graphics at maxim...
BamBam's Collection of Rather Enjoyable Things
Collection by: Goose of Satan
Just a collection of the mods I have subcribed to and cannot bear to part with. Just a sword or two, some toy soldiers, and some other nice things.
Kerny's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Vrawl
kerny berny
Olias's Mod Collection
Collection by: olias
collection of mods i like. all are fully compatible with one another. mostly graphical overhauls and detail tweaks, but some provide improved immersion or balancing.
Quick Rescribe
Collection by: slayerobob
Just a list of my mods for quick re-subcribing on updates
mes mods
Collection by: djidona
la liste des mods qu'il faut pour jouer avec moi par skyrim online
World visual Mods for Crow
Collection by: Sc4r3cr0w79
These are the mods I currently use to alter the visuals in the world of Skyrim. This collection is set for the pupose of organization on my part.
Magic Mods for Crow
Collection by: Sc4r3cr0w79
These are mods that use for Magic in Skyrim. This collection is created for organization on my part.
Combat Mods for Crow
Collection by: Sc4r3cr0w79
These are the mods that I use to alter combat in Skyrim. This is for the purpose of organization on my part.
Dan's Favorites
Collection by: damvcoool
My Collection
Collection by: Sherlock Holmes
A collection of all things epicly related to halo as well as an epic kill move that only the cheif can perform
SKyrim Mods Realism Beauty and Challenge
Collection by: AnotherLemonTree
I spend a full week testing and fumbling with mods and organisers and checking all the main resources out there and here is the result. I am an immersion player but not so hardcore that I don't want any help in my game. Realistic, beautiful and challen...
phann's mods
Collection by: phann
This is just a collection of mods I think the game needs to be more playable.
The Nox Collection
Collection by: Noxas
My personal collection of mods, none interfere with each other as far as I can tell. This has been put up due to popular demand from my friends. Some of these mods have requirements such as SKSE, please make sure you have the correct programs installed...
Top Mods
Collection by: ristow91
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