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Mods for MLM
Collection by: EchoHawk
The Andy mod mix
Collection by: SmartAndy_s
A collection of the best mods on the Skyrim Steam workshop
Collection by: CR00K
only for FRIENDS
Collection by: thelegominecraft
Epic Follower's
Collection by: Octavia
Just some Awsome followers
Michelle's Mods
Collection by: sgspears
Skyrim Mods!
Mods I Guess
Collection by: Marshal of Hopalop
For Patchspot
Collection by: |||ESS|||AWOLnative
no reason for half of these mods
Collection by: kemist97
Collection by: victus66
A few subscribed items to make your second life that much better.
Collection by: rparacord
Star Wars Mods
Collection by: Ductores
This is a Collection of Star Wars Mods that i think is awesome!
Collection by: alex.tarttelin
mods for skyrim
Collection by: HailLordMagikarp
Skyrim Modzzz
Collection by: MAK Tacular
Collection by: jessechapin
Collection by: Coogan
A collection of mods that drastically improve the immersion and feel of the game. Can be used even if you've never played before.
Collection by: Caliph sentinel
Graphic/Followers/ And BEAUTIFUL Mods!
Collection by: ѦnxiⒺty Pills
It's a pack of mods that I need, want, or just want to make Skyrim a fun game to have. Since Skyrim is pretty lonely, I guess I could make a small collection of mods that I love. I hope you enjoy these mods, as if I do too. ~Merry
Skyrim Patch Collection
Collection by: Dryans
Just a useful collection of patches to make installation quicker.
Better Skyrim
Collection by: The Trivia Master
Will make the game harder, and better.
The Demon Files (Skyrim)
Collection by: Neon Demons
fav mods
Collection by: flashdraco555
immersive lore friendly mods
Safe Keeping 2
Collection by: rpfennig
Safe Keeping
Graphical & Quality-of-Life Improvements
Collection by: Obzenium
This is a collection of about 70 mods which improve the appearance of Skyrim, add several convenience features, and which keep the original gameplay largely intact. The mods listed are split between Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. Note that the Dawngua...
Jade Pack Bravo
Collection by: Johnny Bravo
Collection by: rcklueg
Skyrim Immersion Mods
Collection by: ShroomGoblin666
These mods are the ones that I found that make the game that much more immersive. I won't include graphics mods because there are already a lot of collections for that.
My Skyrim Graphics Mods
Collection by: ShroomGoblin666
Like a lot of you, I don't have the most high end PC on the block, but, I do like having a nice looking game. These are the mods that I found that improve the overall look without diminishing my PCs performance. Basically, what I did was subscribe to as m...
Game Shit
Collection by: CHIEF
Used for mods
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