The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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more spells
Collection by: WOLF666
the best spell mods i found so far
Starckes Collection
Collection by: Mathias
To skyrim
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: TwigZW
my load order
Collection by: zinshin36
skyrim script extender: Poet follower: Unofficial Skyrim Patch: Immersive Armors: RaceMenu:...
cool iron man armour
Collection by: Gary the Goat
cool iron man armour made of armour( of course) and can be forged in a forge (again of course).
Collection by: maserri
is cool man ...
Collection by: opel
Spuścizna zespołu moderskiego Pope Scriptum
mods yay
Collection by: Lightbulb
elvis hehe yesh Mods from basedpotato's collection hahaheheh Have a fucked up day faka! ...
The Truhv-Collection
Collection by: The-Truhvanor
Nothing in this Collection is my work. Its only my collection.
weapon mods
Collection by: adam1313
weapons mods
Collection by: teleporthero
Mods that make your game AWESOME
Collection by: Sir Boss
THis is going to make your skyrim into a nice little BIG AND uhhh , ok this is just the mods i use.
Collection by: Waldowolf69
Collection by: Bring Me the Head of Snicker
For sam
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: SUN BUTT(MOLLY)
All of your modding needs fro, items to dungeons and last but not least textures and armor galore
skyrim mods
Collection by: fisken
Kinda Ambiguous
Collection by: marpodeschi
My personal list of favorite Skyrim mods, which must meet these criteria: 1) Nothing overtly silly, such as Macho Man Randy Savage-themed dragons, That Guy moons, etc. 2) Nothing that moves outside the genre--nothing more scifi than the dwarves, no el...
My own collection
Collection by: Foxhound
My collection
Collection by: §§Tassadarth™
A bunch of fun mods
Tassadarth's Collection
Collection by: §§Tassadarth™
Collection by: gregoryjohnson1984
Skyrim for me
Collection by: c4NiS _CZ
Enchanted nature, towns, weather and much more. Using ENB plugin from Skyrim Nexus. Therefore I am not using any Enchanted lightning of Skyrim
Sarge's Mods
Collection by: Bakstab
Just some things I might use
Skyrim LP Raidler
Collection by: Nizzle Gysgar
Let´s Play Skyrim Kollektion 23.10.2013
Simple Immersive Mods
Collection by: Ethameshep
This is a collection of mods that change the little things that disrupt or prevent immersion, and also add some advantages to gameplay.
Temp 10/24
Collection by: Cholo Fett
More immersive Skyrim
Collection by: Xantam
Une collection de mods divers et variés pour améliorer l'immersion dans Skyrim ! Load order importants retenus : - Texture pack HD officiel (3 esp) => En premier, TOUJOURS tout en haut - Fixed Followers Lite => EN HAUT /!\ Il faut SKSE pour que...
Collection by: ToxicPie
Collection by: [82nd]*outlAw*
Skyrim GFX Overhaul
Collection by: Ray McCooney
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