The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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VD9 Khajiit Pack
Collection by: AdamLloydJoseph
Mods to improve khajiit gamplay and NPCs. I also reccomend nuska's Dagi-Raht khajiit race mod and KISS sprint and sneak
Steam mod collection
Collection by: Jimples
Collection for Timmah
Collection by: Jeremy Clarkson
My Better Skyrim
Collection by: Sojourner202
These are the things that I think personally make my Skyrim experience more enjoyable. All of the mods loaded are compatible and lore friendly.
Fighitng style mod
Collection by: shoK
A spell that that gives u the power to change the fighting mode from realistic, normal, cartoonish, intense, and so on! The spell is found The Drunken HuntsMan Have FUN
Ertil's Fav's
Collection by: Ertil
just some iv found to my like'in ^_^
Collection by: marcobowl525
Enhanced Cities
Collection by: matthieu6839
Add many details to the cities and make them beautiful! If you enjoy these mods, please rate, subscribe and favorite them. **************************************************** Now avalaible : Enhanced Cities: Morthal Enhanced Cities: Dawns...
Summer Fashion
Collection by: MPAK [RUS]
In Skyrim, not too cold to wear a much clothing. This mod is partly bares feminine dresses, removing excess clothing from the legs, arms and abdomen. The mod is in development and will be updated occasionally.
Couch Moose Collection
Collection by: eXiledDeagle
Couch Moose!
The 'KDC' selection
Collection by: Kyrah Abattoir
This is a collection of mods that are focused on making Skyrim richer and deeper. You won't find overpowered mods here, only a selection that expand upon the base game. This collection might make the game slightly harder in some cases and slightly easie...
Essential pirate experience mods
Collection by: 420_Sk1pR0pe
ESSENTIAL PIRATE EXPERIENCE MODS One of the most popular questions of all time is: do you prefer pirates or ninjas? The answer is simple, pirates; ninjas suck. This collection of mods has nothing to do with ninjas, but a lot to do with pirates. This is...
Collection by: blackensword
Stuff I have just had fun using
Collection by: CF Devin
Abe's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: AbeLincolnsGhost
These are the Skyrim (HF, DG, and Dragonborn all installed) Mods that I use personally. Simple as that. I have far more mods loaded than I have listed here, but if I haven't sufficiently used the content to judge them yet, I won't list them here. All o...
Necessary Vanilla Skyrim Modifications
Collection by: Zebulan
Modifications that are a must-have for non-expansion Skyrim play.
Favorited Mods
Collection by: Thugs4Less
Favorited Steam Workshop Mods
Beep Boop
Collection by: spaceinvaderj
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