The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Triskaideka's Sparkling Skyrim
Collection by: Triskaidekathon
Enchanted armor and weapons, spells scrolls and alchemical concoctions... Sure, its treasure, but its not TREASURE. It lacks the romance, the mystery of shining gold and silver vessels, of sparkling gemstones and heaps of jewelry, of jeweled idols, kingly...
Great Collection
Collection by: Sloth;
This is a collection that I feel balances the game, adds to the beauty of Skyrim, and does not lend to anything being overpowered.
Skyrim Compendium - Barebones
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
The most bang-for-your-buck of my collections. Adds a decent amount of content, better graphics, and doesn't affect your performance. Be sure to get SKSE and Dynavision for maxium effect.
TheHorica666's Mods
Collection by: TheHorica666
A collection of mods I currently use and know work together.
My Fav mods
Collection by: Veorn
Skyrim lookin sexy for me
Collection by: Funky Cold Medina
My Collection
Collection by: Michel
Collection by: grica
Preferred OP Mods
Collection by: stef.a.hahn
Mods that are a little too powerful or break immersion.
Ian's Stuff
Collection by: YannYacobi
Collection by: Ouroboros
Collection by: dragonsix
The Best
Collection by: silver
These are my favorites - must have
Collection by: Siirappimaisuus
Stuff and things
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Elit36uard
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: cyzada
A second start
Collection by: ӎŗƤɋʊʟ
Choice additions for a second playthrough; including alternate start.
Misc Tweaks
Collection by: Cyllaenoi
Anything I've found that doesn't belong in another collection.
Spell, Perk, and Armor Tweaks
Collection by: Cyllaenoi
Anything that changes how spells, perks, and/or armor work.
Visual Tweaks
Collection by: Cyllaenoi
Anything that changes the appearance of the game. Most should be compatible.
Vampirism Tweaks
Collection by: Cyllaenoi
Different Vampirism tweaks I've found and like.
Varied Elven Equipment (VEE)
Collection by: SpyroCoolLP
Gives the three main elf races their own armor. Bosmer - Same Stats as Elven (Altmer), inspired by Riverwood's favourite Wood Elf. Dunmer - Same Stats as Elven (Altmer), inpired by Skyrim's Ebony Armour and Weaponry - hint: By inspired, I mean it pr...
Collection by: erwinrita
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Gatinor
mods of skyrim
Horses Galore
Collection by: Pixel Flare
"Damn Son dese ponies be upping my swag."~Pixel Flare "wow such horse"~Doge "Are you fucking kidding me."~Jhaller "These ponies need more wings"~MA Larson "Man these chicken fries sure are good"~BVids "What have I done?!"~Lauren Faust "Needs more T...
What I use
Collection by: Kum Blowme
For me :)
serious883 mods
Collection by: serious883
0718life collection
Collection by: 0718life
its just a collection for me
my character mods : Sinon
Collection by: Alex M
mods for my character : Sinon .. 2h/warrior
archer / assassin / thieving
Collection by: Alex M
made for a sneaking style character
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