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fairy tail
Collection by: TsunAmY_MxColas
Devenez le chasseur de dragon le plus puissants et prouvez le
Enhanced Towns and Villages
Collection by: Dr.Shmoop
This is a collection for those who want better looking cities with barely an FPS drop! Includes most of the Enhanced Cities and villages mods.
Collection by: ♛ im2hi ♛
An Elder Scrolls Collection
Collection by: ThirteenOranges
This collection brings together The Elder Scrolls Quests and The Elder Scrolls Places series, along with An Elder Scrolls Faction: Pit Fighter. The collection focuses on seamlessly adding new lore-friendly content to Skryim, from new exterior locations...
Chaz's Followers
Collection by: Chaz
Here is a Group of Mod followers to tag along or assist you on your many adventures. (All these are made using the Official Creation Kit, not the Nexus program. In case you were wondering. I do not have a Nexus account. Sorry. At least for now.) Alod...
Dragon Pack (WHAT FUN!)
Collection by: Turdipiler
NEEDS DAWNGUARD Great With Lots Of Mods
Different start
Collection by: jaime391
Just a cool different way to start the game
Immersion, Content and Visual fun times
Collection by: pritch66
A small collection of various graphical re-touchs, additional content in the form of additional quests and craftable armors/weapons and 'survival' mods that add to the immersion on the game. All mods in this collection are, to my knowledge, lore-friendly ...
Visual Quality Tweaks - Cold and Clear
Collection by: inlaid.roses
A collection of my favourite visual tweaks to make Skyrim purty, including among other things HQ textures, better meshes for stationary objects, and some really magical lighting overhauls. "Cold and Clear" refers to my personal aesthetic preferences. I...
autistic red pyro's skyrim collection
Collection by: Autistic Red Pyro(is anoyed!)
just a collection
grants stuff
Collection by: Grant666uk
my stuff
nicer skyrim
Collection by: Sterdemon
HQ Skyrim
Collection by: IM DE BEST
SKSE required
Bandits in Riften
Collection by: Toaster-Kin
Bilbo Laggins - Races, Tweaks and Tolkien based Mods
Collection by: Bilbo Laggins
Skyrim is one of the largest modding communities out there. It is also one of my favorite games ever made. My Mods are mainly Tolkien based mods relating to the Lord of the Rings universe. Professor Tolkien was a genius and has produced fiction of the fin...
Bertter Skyrim
Collection by: Comrade_Kalib
a pack that helps to add lots of small things but all together they are geart enjoy :)
Skyrim - Vibrant and Realistic
Collection by: UnBroken
This is a collection that will make your skyrim very vibrant and realistic. It is very resource heavy so make sure you can run it. I have tested these mods and they all work together and look great. There are 2 mods which aren't on steam so here are the ...
Better Skyrim
Collection by: SCElite
Just a collection of mods by ramdom users. I have included lots of graphics mods that cause little to no frame rate drop (at least for me). Personally, I prefer mods that only enhance gameplay/graphics, not ones that completely change or add dynamics...
dishonered coll
Collection by: slifer
waepons,armor and the magick off dishonered
Roleplaying Collection by Wodka
Collection by: Loke03
A few mods that i bring togheter all lore friendly. i think all these mods togheter brings a good rpg game for skyrim ^^
Theres a mod for that!
Collection by: Greenatacker
Mods I use in a collection for my friends
Taloric's Stuff
Collection by: FirstImpulse
My Stuff.
Steam-Side Mods
Collection by: Red Hand
All the mods for an improved game that happen to appear on Steam.
Collection by: scorpiovaeden
This collection of companions brings you the heroes and villains of Final Fantasy 8. To create the look of the characters you will need to use several mods that are found on the skyrim nexus. Below is a list of available companions, as well as mods....
World's Beauty
Collection by: Nikki Varagod
Use to make skyrim look better.
dragon armory set
Collection by: pschneider1
dis mod have neu dragon armor dis is great.
Stressfaktors Collection
Collection by: Stressfaktor!
Graphic and gameplay mod collection
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: Moz
This is my own personal collection of visual/audio tweaks. No added content here.
The Legend of Zelda Collection
Collection by: -RathaloS-
Here you have all the greatest mods based on the the legend of Zelda game franchise. Enjoy and remember, all credit goes to their respective authors.
my stuff
Collection by: SamaritanBT
stuff to make skyrim better in game play
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