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Overseer's Warhammer 40k Collection
Collection by: Overseer
I realized that my Sci-Fi Collection was getting a bit unwieldy due to its (growing) size. Therefore, I have collected all the Warhammer 40k stuff here and added a few from Andyhake's collection. Many, if not all of the armors in "v3.3" are represented...
Collection by: circumsoldier
HNGamers Collection
Collection by: TheVisad
My Skyrim Setup
Collection by: [O4]Annex
Just the stuff i use,, nothing fancy
Collection by: cmanq128
This collection is for follower mods!
Skyrim My Way...
Collection by: Skyrim<+>CoffeeAddictiction
When it comes to games I love the graphics ... This is how I see my skyrim hope you enjoy....
My collection
Collection by: jpm1331
For my personal use.
Town Enhancment Mods
Collection by: The Ebb
A collection of all the best town enhanment mods.
Eyecatcher - Very low performance loss if any.
Collection by: 8elph3g0re
Minimalistic modding - maximum effect! Very low performance loss if any. Run perfect without HQ Pack on 32-Bit Win7. Small changes at Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini (Enhanced Blood). Tested on 32-Bit Win7 , Nvidia GTX 560 Ti . 1920x1200 (16:10).
Skyrim HD + Graphics and Sounds
Collection by: TheBadGamer
This is my own personal collection of mods that I use. For me, modding skyrim was a bit tricky, as I only have a GTX 550 ti (Overclocked) and a core i5 3450 CPU. All of the mods I have included in this collection have little to no performa...
For Personal Use
Collection by: Paladin
All of the Mods I have installed (Backup)
Collection by: Duke Webelos
All of the items I have installed for my Skyrim. This is a very hard to run pack.
Collection by: Misterman
A* Result
Collection by: XPlazm3
Mods de Skyrim
Collection by: Valinorh
Ici vous trouverez des mods pour Skyrim. La plupart sont pour améliorer le graphisme et le paysage du jeu pour le rendre encore plus réaliste!
More conjuration
Collection by: <(^_^)> CHICKENCAKE
a collection for the old conjurer. Summon heimskir and his my little pony army conqeur all.
Nature and towns
Collection by: <(^_^)> CHICKENCAKE
This mod collection does a bunch of things with towns and nature, want to know more subscribe.
Soots Skyrim
Collection by: Soot
My skyrim mods
Casual Dedication
Collection by: Polygon Don
Wolfsrüstung herstellbar
Collection by: ReLoadedStAR
Die Wolfrüstung der Gefährten ist nun mit dem Perk Stahlschmiedekunst und den nötigen Items herstellbar.
So Mark, you wanted to be a Wizard?
Collection by: theGreatZamboni
ZAP! That's right, the sound your footsteps make because you ARE A REAL WIZARD!!! -You wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror. -You see a milk drinker -You Slap your face and think, "this is what I wanted" -You put on your wizard robes and h...
Nice looking SKYRIM
Collection by: saprykingo
This mod makes your skyrim look better. This mod does not add new quests, locations and NPC's. All mods from that collection can be easy installed by cliking "Subscribe to all"
Assassin Collection
Collection by: bedykev
For assassin characters
Better Skyrim
Collection by: y2kid
Makeing skyrim look better!
Fun Mods
Collection by: y2kid
A Big Group Of Mods For You Guys!!!!!
Best Mods of 2012 Skyrim
Collection by: Xorekle
Dean's Skyrim Essential mods! - Graphical and Gameplay!
Collection by: [SIN7]\m/ Dean \m/
A collection of graphical and Gameplay mods to make Skyrim totally fresh. All items were tested working together, you can also mix and match what mods you want by adding and removing the .ESP files from the lists when you load up Skyrim. I hope you enj...
Set 1 Mods working with Amazing Followers Tweats 1.54
Collection by: noobie-waiting for box version
Set 1 of Mods from Community that works with Amazing Followers Tweats [AFT] 1.54 - Skyrim 1.8.x. Please favourite creators of the mods for their hard work. Kudos to them for making these great creations. This collection consist of mods that works with...
Collection by: mikitan_fox
Lotsa Old Stuff
Collection by: Val3ry
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