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To Be Or Not To Be
Collection by: XPlazm3
A collection that will boost your erge to play skyrim again and again until you cant stop playing it, which is understanderble I guess!
Wolffe Pack
Collection by: DarkWolffe
A small package containing all of the mods used by yours truly, DarkWolffe.
Collection by: alexanderfrancis166
Best Archery Mods
Collection by: DvasSwagg
Mega archery mod package. I TAKE NO CREDIT!!!!! Whats in here -Drudism Skill tree and spells -New arrows -New armor -New bows -New player home (Elvenwoood)
Collection by: sgt.rosenfield
These are the mods I use, I think these mods really add to the game with out making you have to cheat to enjoy it.
My Stuff
Collection by: Chisan
Just my personal stuff.
The Chosen One
Collection by: XPlazm3
A collection of overpowered mods that will rock your SKYRIM
The Archer's Sidearm
Collection by: Muscle Wizard
Just a simple mod. As an archer, I was sick of enemies getting close and stomping me, so I made this melee weapon that scales with Archery levels and perks. It has 10 base damage and I improved some of the dagger's other stats like speed to stick it t...
Collection by: WNxHakan
View of a Warrior
Collection by: XPlazm3
For realistic details and the full experience of being a warrior
Additional Collection (Part 2)
Collection by: Agent_Anorexia
These mods may have conflicts and are farther reaching than the base collections mod. They add new things such as quests, areas, items, etc. and do not strictly follow game lore (though I tried). I have confirmed that the game will launch and there are no...
Collection by: arjo_squirrel
just cheatin
Tiger's Stuff
Collection by: Jiang Winters
Helpful Collection
Collection by: XPlazm3
Collection by: xdoo675
Skyrim, feat. Your Mother
Collection by: VicodinHoliday♥
Collection of YOUR mother's favorite Skyrim mods! Who would've known she actually played skyrim? It's pretty amazing. Also: To stop others(and your mother) asking me about what mods I use. Mods your mother reccomended to me, not on the workshop: ...
Collection by: Cpt.Clown
reference for friends
Collection by: Crimson-Y
Just for reference for my friends or if I forget Working mods I've tried so far.
Kitty Collection
Collection by: IDTia
For a friend
TheHotHelios ultimate mod collection
Collection by: Mr.Helios
This is the best skyrim mod collection there, any of those mods were made by me. All of the mods in the pack will work in one pack, I do not hold responsible for any compability problems with other mods that are not in this pack, for more info please read...
JJ LP Mods
Collection by: Ragyo Kiryuuin
Mods I will be using for an LP of Skyrim.
Followers Pack
Collection by: Vicenzo
This collection contains the very first mods i attempted to do, thus it only contains the followers Do not expect much else
Useful skyrim addons
Collection by: Stulander
No shite
Ppspa list
Collection by: Ppspa
alicias extrem awesome-version of skyrim...!
Collection by: Alice
This mod is sampling exemplare for more than 160 different skyrim-mods...! The most i`ve tested self, it loads a lot of new smithing weapons and armors, make houses better..., makes new cityes, new spells, new, effects, more enemys, new follages, new foll...
My backup
Collection by: Mathue24
Hardcore Permadeath Set
Collection by: PhysicalPariah
This is a collection of mods that work incredibly well with simple permadeath rules. The idea is to transform Skyrim into something that you can pick up and play for an hour or so with a single character, rather than half your lifetime. Hope you all e...
Ultimate Skyrim Graphics and Gameplay Collection
Collection by: Dori's Gale
Just a collection I whipped up for my friends. It includes graphic mods & overhauls, fixes, magic mods, and weapon mods. All mods are compatible with each other. I also have downloaded some mods(that are highly recommended) from Nexus which will be listed...
For Cable
Collection by: Anaxies
Cable Collection
weightless in skyrim
Collection by: SgtWolf89
a collection of mods that takes a huge burden off players encumbrance
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