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Collection by: mccannsean421
it's class and that
The collection
Collection by: blind_melon90
Just fun
Graphicmodifyer without significant Gamechanges
Collection by: Irish Drunk
Just a few Mods I found useful for myself, without any significant game changes
Player Homes
Collection by: Anduniel
My custom player homes: Silver Falls Lodge - Lake Ilinalta, south shore Ven Rovaan - a ship home - near the Dainty Sload, northeast of Solitude Marlin King - a ship hideout home - Solitude bay
Ace's Realism Collection
Collection by: . ҉ Ace
Special hand picked mods from steamworkshop, a realism collection for those who like a challange with a bit of extra content and want mods that will not conflict. Giving you the max realism you like that the workshop has to offer, you can merge a few nexu...
Lots of (mostly) Lore Friendly Mods
Collection by: Zazian707
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Ncik
bunch o mods
Da Collection
Collection by: Ncik
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Songbird
Both lore-friendly and non-lore-friendly mods, with a heavy leaning toward realism mods.I use a ton of mods from Nexus so there's a lot of mods I use that aren't on this list.
Skyrim Weapon Mods
Collection by: Chronic_Douche
Skrim Weapon Mods
Shit fo Ilya
Collection by: >DINKY<Wizard In Black
Mag's Super Doom Skyrim Time
Collection by: Dr Magnitude
Just throwing it together because I'm gonna screw with mods all the time.
skyrim collection
Collection by: BIG TITS
skyrim collection
Textures and Sounds
Collection by: Lasion
For friends
Thaledric's Celtic mods, and Shillelaghs!
Collection by: Thaledric
This is a collection of Shillelaghs and other similar Irish mods. The shillelagh is a traditional wooden club, used in battle, and everyday life for thousands of years in Ireland. The only reason I attempted these mods, is because nobody else had, and ...
da Collectionie
Collection by: Fireraven
This collection is basically all the mods I like.
Character Mods
Collection by: dmcrea91209
skyrim mods
Collection by: paulfriend
skyrim mods
Collection by: paulfriend
a collection
giant war
Collection by: elio
a giant war
skyrim stuff
Collection by: Kevin Rawley
skyrim stuff
Collection by: prodeoprofamilia
Test to figure out how this works.
Most Enjoyable Skyrim Experiance
Collection by: MrCookieDough
This is a collection of mods I use with skyirm. it adds better graphics and more realism. You should download wyre bash and boss before using.
Collection by: Djidiouf
Collection by: Sonozaki
Lemons promans rigz
Collection by: Sqiggles
u want 2 1v1 m3 nub
bananawolf 64's favorite skyrim addons
Collection by: BananaWolf64
hello everyone im bananawolf 64 and here are my FAVORITE skyrim addons so hope you like but dont mind but it might make u crash if u dont have a great computer ( no offense ) but still these addons helped me like skyrim more but i reccomend you have the ...
Stuff I use
Collection by: [ILL]FatherAimless
Stuff i usefor my firens
PotatoOrgy's Stream Collection
Collection by: Potato
The collection I use during my streams. Filled with varied mods to enchance the experience of vanilla Skyrim. The only real mechanic altering mod would be the faster horses because seriously... horses are too slow without it! If you're experiencing pro...
Collection by: Sock
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