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Recommended Mods
Collection by: Destero
Requested collection of mods i like to use. I you load all mods at once you will need Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs.
Shovon Mod List
Collection by: ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ
Amazing Weapons, Armor and Other Things
Collection by: ShadowStriker15
Weapons, Armor, Spells, Races and Much More.
Awsome Crap
Collection by: DeMoN-HuNtEr-0218
I add working no extra add-ons mods!
David's Arsenal
Collection by: davidsabor(The Dragon Army)
My Arsenal
Dem Mods
Collection by: War, TheHorseman
Skyrim M
Collection by: camsaenz77
Preda's favorit skyrim mods
Collection by: [HUN]Preda™
Thees are the best skyrim mods in the workshop a legjobb modok a workshop ban
Collection by: Conman237
Mods for skyrim
Collection by: hi im kudlaty
Xzal's Skyrim Choices
Collection by: Xzal
Old Annon`s I, II (ru)
Collection by: Mr_fireman
Old Annon`s I, II 1) Old Annon 1 Mod adds a new location - Old Annon , Lakefront Nir and small quest , as well as the history of realized using scraps (30 total) , as well as a variety of armor and weapons 1 . Description: City magicians and engin...
Collection by: [E-R] Preju{dice}
Skyrim Misc Essentials
Collection by: Arxaion
A bunch of different mods that don't exactly have a set category.
Fox's Stuff
Collection by: Tailswish
Skyrim Graphic Essentials
Collection by: Arxaion
A collection of mods that were made to enhance graphics, while not lowing FPS much!
Skyrim Audio Essentials
Collection by: Arxaion
A group of audio mods I find essential for playing Skyrim!
My Best Mods, from XD99
Collection by: XD 99
My best mods (min. 4 stars). Meine besten Mods (min. 4 Sterne). I have add the german and english version, also when only one have 4 stars. Ich habe die Deutsche und die Englische Version hinzugefügt, auch when nur eine von beiden 4 Sterne hat.
Collection by: beastmode144
just a collection
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: jffordem
skyrim s1
Collection by: jayy586
Für Laurin
Collection by: Netronox
collection rare xD
Collection by: Foxbros
personal collection
Collection by: raytard
well just for me
Awesome Stuff
Collection by: The Mistake Of The Ancient Ones
skyrim Needs!
Collection by: MyNameIsSean
These are some mods that keep the game balanced add new content armour smithing options and makes hunting much better, there is also a mod that means some spells get invested into your magicka spells like oakflesh etc or take part in arena battles like in...
liste 1
Collection by: wisvo44
Terroritis' Collection
Collection by: Terroritis
Better skyrim
Collection by: dylanpierce85
A better skyrim graphics wise
Skyrim Legendary Edition - Graphical Improvements‏
Collection by: Darrax
This collection aims to improve the overall look and feel of the game and add a sense of realism without affecting the overall gameplay of Skyrim. The mods have been added to the collection in load order to save you time and effort. -Darrax
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