The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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The Immersion and Realism Pack
Collection by: Caaros, The King of Chaos
Hello Humans, Elves and Beasts!! Welcome to my new modpack!! Within this pack you will find mods that really let you "sink your teeth" into Skyrim, AND be (somewhat) realistic!! From surviving the cold, dark nights of the north to simply changing your nam...
My favorite mods
Collection by: The Warne Supremacy
Just some favorite mods of mine
skyrim mods
Collection by: Soul Reaper™
sions pack
Collection by: Gravelord Nito
Collection by: [OrC] Preachyr
collection for tyler
The Better Skyrim Experience
Collection by: Blegar
These suggested mods are my favourite ones which will greatly improve your Skyrim adventuring experience. These are mostly realistic and lore-friendly mods that will certainly make your Skyrim more realistic and immersive place. My collection includes s...
Collection by: GREAT_SALAD
The mods I have
My Skyrim
Collection by: Taller-Than-Trees
I dont know, I just like these.
Collection by: Garbo
Collection by: LeyLey
Collection by: GiaMoon
Skyrim of my dreams dreams
Collection by: robotpunch!
Visuals and Depth - Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: KiZai
A collection of compatible mods which enhance the visuals of the world whilst also adding more detail and depth. There are no overpowered or game altering mods included, simply content and visuals. No DLC is required for any of these items. ===========...
Skyrim Mod-batch Heap'a'Fun
Collection by: Solstickan
Just a packet for a friend of mine who wanted to see what mods I had so he could subscribe to those he found intresting. :)
Collection by: BazZooKa jOE
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Daimyo Mark
SKyrim MOdZ
Collection by: ScrillaGorilla
Braeden All in One
Collection by: BraedenXIVII
Just my Favorites
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Colveren
My Skirm House Mods
Collection by: ♛N4VYK1NG♛
Collection by: Christopher S. Young
For those who love Zelda and the one true legend.
The Current Collection
Collection by: Fußgänger 1942
A Hypothetical Treachery Mods
Collection by: [Δ]Death Walks27
All the A Hypothetical Treachery Mods, all created by TheGreyLight. I didn't create any mods, these all go towards his credit
True Dragonborn
Collection by: Kodyack
This is my collection of mods that turn your character into a true Dragonborn.
Claudius Imperial Armour Set
Collection by: Lordeggsworth
All items made by Headache (
Collection by: Creature of Purgatory
Gameplay fixes and minor enhancments. These alter and add content to the game that really should have been in it to begin with. All lore-friendly and balanced.
Collection by: Creature of Purgatory
Visual and Audio mods that improve the atmosphere of Skyrim. None of these mods affect any actual gameplay, they are purely aesthetic.
Pick-and-choose Comment Removal Collection
Collection by: Col. Frootzcat
This simply gathers my 'Stop Comments' mods in one spot for easy pick-and-choose if you also happen to find these random World Interaction events annoying. These were made since I could not find individual options to toggle off events, instead coming acro...
Follower mods of all!
Collection by: Mr JIGGY
These are mods i have put together to add shit loads of more followers to skyrim, not just your everyday follower but Falmer Dwemer Blood Elevs, Blood orcs ect ect AND the Taken
King of Worms
Collection by: * Vulpar *
DG,DB,HF dlc's , Skse + Skyui Are required to play this collectiion , for the Necro-King \ Mage . the darker reward , more to come , plus my Nexus mod list .
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