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Collection by MidnightRider
Performance Boost
Collection by Destero
My collection of performance that don 't have much impact on visuals but on performance.
Collection by griM ace Hi there, I am a German Youtuber and this is my (current) collection of mods, which I also use in my Videos.
Collection by Axeton
Jaakolle Modeja
Collection by kektus
The Roleplay Box
Collection by Doc. Sarcastic
Inside of this collection is a nice list of mods I use for my Skyrim Roleplay.
Collection by Blackbeard
Collection by [TW]Chris0121
Jihad's Immersive Collection
Collection by Jihad Joe
A current collection of mods that enhance graphics, immersion, gameplay, while retaining the lore and overall normal feel of Skyrim.
The Luminous Path
Collection by illum
Evil Skyrim Collections
Commander Shepards Collection
Collection by [VG] Nikita
Sajian's collection
Collection by **High Commander Sajian**
my collection of skyrim mods
IT's Essential Skyrim Mods
Collection by IntacteM
Essential Skyrim mods you should sub to now!
Complete Skyrim OverHaul
Collection by Cody
This Collection of mods are immersion, graphics, quest, and gameplay mods that are compatible to make you next Skyrim Playthrough the best it can be. All these mods are SKSE free. (SKSE was really starting to piss me off so these mods do not need it) W...
Halo and other fun mods!
Collection by Maxamas
A basic collection of halo, the sexy and fun alike enjoy :) If anyone has recomendations and or concerns, problem or advice send me mail (gmail: or enter your opinion in the comments below, Lastly I would appreciate advice...
black metal \m/
Collection by Protector1987[PL]
najfajniejsze i najciekawsze mody,skiny i inne bajery do skyrim
mon precieux
Collection by jahdennodead
abcde fghijklmno pqrstuv wxyz
Нордские всадники
Collection by ☜✙Ş↺Ĺ↻✙☞
Самые основные моды расширяющие геймплей, новые наемники, мод для ручной прокачки и настройки ии наемников, мод для настройки лошадей, заме...
Mods for Amazing graphics and immersion
Collection by ThatGuyOverThere
If you want to view some screenshots of how it will look check my profile and click on screenshots.
Phantrinos Ultimate collection
Collection by jacobleenealis4
This is my collection
Skyrim Modsammlung
Collection by Masterplaine
Hier sind meine aufgenommenen Mods gesammelt, auf dass ich sie später mit einem Klick wiederfinde.
Rob's Skyrim Experience
Collection by ReptarNation
This collection is of all the mods I use when playing Skyrim. They are a mix of visual and convenience enhancements, with a good bit of new content thrown in as well. None of these mods are lore breaking.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by LizardWizard
Skyrim Mods
Assassin739's Colllection
Collection by Assassin739
This is just a private collection of mine, I just use it for my Skyrim. I have all DLCs BTW, so your game may crash. You can use this collection if you want, but it's really just my private collection.
Mods I Use In Skyrim
Collection by PugyMan13
This is a list of the Mods I use for Skyrim I made for my friends or anyone else interested to enjoy. I also use: Faster Vanilla Horses Rich Merchants Amazi...
graphics mods
Collection by stonesxx63
Arsenal Mágico
Collection by andre.lucasap3
Só uma coleção que começarei a montar, juntando os melhores mods que encontro na Steam e no Skyrim Nexus Site. Particularmente tentarei utilizar todos ao mesmo tempo, porém não estou juntando-os com o critério de que necessitam ser compatíveis uns...
Collection by ManOfdwarf
It might seem weird to have more then one race mod but I just like to have the options. But it all should work together.
Collection by ManOfdwarf
This is all of my weapons. I can promise u that about 70% of all of my weapon mods are not balanced...But still badass looking!=D
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