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Momoi Box of Skyrim
Collection by: Rabou
Momoi Box of Skyrim
Collection by: Athelstan
Enhances magic : spells, enchants, magic fights etc etc
Collection by: Athelstan
Give you... more weapons !
Collection by: Athelstan
Give additional slots for stuff (i.e. left ring, bags, cloaks)
Collection by: Günniii
Skyrim Newbie Immersion P Collection (P for performance)
Collection by: [Event] OpenWorldAddict
This collection is for people who want alot of mods to be more immersed in their game, not have to deal with the Skyrim Nexus and it's nexus mod manager, and who want their game to be stable. This is going to be a work in progress as I add new mods to the...
Collection by: keza179
Collection by: EienSamurai
Collection by: EienSamurai
Winterblood Exspantion mod pack
Collection by: Silverclaw The Rattlesnake
It adds to the vanilla feel of skyrim and don't over power the game to much adding to your exsperience.
Collection by: Limp007
Collection by: matt1k93
Collection by: InMemoriam
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Cy3lon
Graphics and Audio Enhancements
Collection by: BigBoyLorax
This mod collection features some of the best mods to enhance your Skyrim experience. Use these mods to make Skyrim look and feel like a modern day RPG should.
A Thief's Essentials
Collection by: spongepanda
Mods of all kinds fit for a theif's needs. Not my creations.
Fernando's Mods
Collection by: 8fprofunk
Meine Mods für ein gutes Spielen
Collection by: Yumi
Collection by: Kito
great mods
Animals In Factions: Penitus Oculatus
Collection by: The Dovahnater
Animals In Factions for the Penitus Oculatus.
adam skyrim collection
Collection by: mvelasco976
Animals In Factions: Boars, Goats, Chickens, and Cows
Collection by: The Dovahnater
Animals In Factions that add Boars, Goats, Chickens, and Cows.
Animals In Factions: Dragons, and Trolls
Collection by: The Dovahnater
Animals In Factions that add Dragons, and Trolls.
Animals In Factions: Rats, Mudcrabs, Spiders and Slaughterfish
Collection by: The Dovahnater
Animals In Factions that add Rats, Mudcrabs, Spiders and Slaughterfish.
Animals In Factions: Dogs, Huskies, Wolves, and Death Hounds
Collection by: The Dovahnater
Animals In Factions that add Dogs, Huskies, Wolves and Death Hounds.
My collection of various mods
Collection by: Final Kaoss
A collection of mods for me to use if/when I reinstall.
My mods
Collection by: Bowser W. G.G
All my favorite mods!
Skyrim Savy
Collection by: Tokkan
Skyrim Mods for Savy
Collection by: Minimon100
Imperial Intelligence Skyrim mod collection
Collection by: Fixer66
None of these mod are mine! All rights go to the owners.
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