The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: dengladiator
Skyrim shiit
Collection by: The Rocketeer
Collection by: shaine
Bleach mod collection
Collection by: Captain Sly
A bleach mod collection
Bosmer Armor
Collection by: Conimor
Bosmer Armor Pack all parts.
My favorite Skyrim Mods (Steam Workshop Edition)
Collection by: Unkown Player
As a mod maker myself i am happy to give you my favorite skyrim mods on steam workshop (thats why its called steam workshop edtion) i hope you like it, i did not know what to opick under categories so i picked all
Skyrim Ones
Collection by: chazzee23
My mods
Mods for Ryan
Collection by: Dying alone and in pain
Tom's WorkShop
Collection by: froehltf
graphics mods
Collection by: j.deighan
Honky's Collection
Collection by: Honky
Collection of my fav mods
Collection by: Grant
Collection by: Adragon1331
Make it pretty
Collection by: Thacattack
Make it look pretty
Disrespect The DragonBorn
Collection by: djman3420
Well.... This is a collection of mods about well.... Karma is a bitch.... Anyone who disrespects the dragonborn gets the dragonborn.... and if you think this means you hurting someone.... YOUR WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These make anyone that disrespects the d...
The BVR overtuiging
Collection by: Harvester
BVR trolfest
New Game / New Reality Mods
Collection by: laniparis
Just collecting some awesome mods to add prior to starting a new game to ensure you get a unique experience.
mod maps
Collection by: ~Volthunter~
its mod maps and shit
Erbos's SomethingEqualsEXP
Collection by: Erbos
This is a collection of mods that are simple yet are very convient for give you a extra boost when increasing skills, via by allowing exp to be earned by various of ways that should of been implented into the game from the start(My opinion though).
Mods You Should Use
Collection by: Betamax
Dominions More NPCs and Marriage Candidates
Collection by: [CIA] Arron Dominion
Want more NPCs in your world? Want more marriage candidates? This collection has both of those things. Items currently in the collection: Dominions More Marriage Candidates Dominions More Dawnguard Candidates Dominions More Wood Elves Dominions M...
Collection by: mr.magyk247
Collection by: brass4013
Skyrim only.
many magics
Collection by: Cyber Hans William V
Collection by: Anders
Lacrayus Mods
Collection by: hwsavage1
Essential Modpack
Collection by: WiskersVonThorBugger
Just a modpack to help me organize/easily install some of the mods I want for skyrim
Collection by: dj_busca92
You Need DawnGuard and SKSE
Mods For A Friend
Collection by: D34G'S Squire
Mods for a friend to use.
Quest Mods To Try
Collection by: Ben
These are mods I want to try or have tried that add quest content.
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