The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Wolf's Basic Modification Collection
Collection by: Wolfcp
A set of mods that enhance the base game of Skyrim. Together, these mods: Quash hundreds of bugs Add a variety of atmospheric sounds Reform the Interface to be more PC friendly Enhance the weather system Add craftable camping tools Add and diversi...
New Skyrim
Collection by: muppinator
This collection gives you a new experience in Skyrim. I combines both fun and challenging mods that should make for either a good, hard, or mixture of the two.
Collection by: Burning Heretic
This is primarily a collection of mods I wanted to share with a friend so we could both play the same "Version" of Skyrim.
My Mods
Collection by: Drew
my mod favorits
Collection by: Willkillyou
theas are the mods i youse allways
Stuff every High-End Gamer should get first
Collection by: Sir Dave of the River Rhine
ATTENTION! You need the Skyrim Script Extender for several of these mods! Use SKSE or else it will crash! This collection showcases what i consider the must-have graphical mods (many of them first released before the workshop). I simply cannot play wi...
x0NightHawk0x's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: x0NightHawk0x
The mods that I prefer to use for Skyrim
Hunting & Surviving (BASIC)
Collection by: BlitzElf #UK
--> Note is this is the BASIC version. This will not include all of the beautiful creations (Graphics etc) that I believe should go with this.
Skyrim Survival Package - Package 2
Collection by: I am Flying and Proud
Extra package two of the Skyrim Survival Package. This one focuses on graphical improvements to make your Skyrim seem more natural. Please check out part 1(extra package 1) and the base package. READ!!!!!!!!!!!! A few mods may require you to play with ...
Random audiovisual tweaks by ashen
Collection by: Ashen-Shugar
Retuned Vanilla Gameplay
Collection by: easter
A collection of minor mods for the purist Dovahkiin that: fix a bug or two; tweak existing mechanics for usability and practicality; adds small additions that were arguably overlooked by Bethesda; generally improve upon what is essentially a vanilla Skyri...
Andrew's Mod Collection
Collection by: Kung Führer
This is a collection of my favourite mods.
First Setup
Collection by: GrimPandahouse
my first bunch of mods that all appear to be functional together
Werwolf's Graphics Rework
Collection by: ¤MonK¤ Werwolf
Graphics mods for Skyrim to look a bit better.
Collection by: Studmaster
Greys collection
Collection by: Greycrescent
Elder V textures
Collection by: SmellMiFinger
Just a collection to add some extra wow to my skyrim experience. Skyrim is beautiful all by itself but has issues that a modder is determined to solve
my defalt mods work together
Collection by: Deadby100cuts
F u im dragonborn
Collection by: LogainAssassin
mods to make u better at being dragonborn
My Stuff
Collection by: Chisan
Just my personal stuff.
Кольцо смены внешности.
Collection by: 19441980
Если одеть это кольцо оно автомотически мереносит вас к окну выбора внешности персонажа.Его можно зделать в Небесной кузницэ из 2 золотых.
meine mods die ich verwende
Collection by: demonaz2k
haben normal keine konflikte
My Steam Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Russian Mutant
Mods I use when not using NMM
Baknik's Realistic Survival Collection
Collection by: Baknik
This collection is only for those players looking for intense and hardcore game play. These mods remove conveniences and add realistic new rules that will inevitable change the way you play Skyrim.
Basic Tweaks
Collection by: zer01chi
Collection of gameplay tweaks that help make the game better.
Skyrim + (Game Enhancements)
Collection by: [32nd] Lordcat33
A lore friendly pack of little additions, bug fixes, and changes! REQUIRES: Dawnguard Hearthfire
x303 Skyrim mods
Collection by: [<ŽF>]³™ | x303(GER☢☭)
mods für alle ;-)
Collection by: BERSERK
Tiger's Stuff
Collection by: Jiang Winters
Kiefer's Subscribed Mods
Collection by: Formic
my subscribed improvement mods
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