The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Vampire Weapons and Armor
Collection by: dannifer8
Vampire weapons and armor for the heroes that love to absorb the enemies life force with every attack.
Collection by: Enigma
Mod pack put together so mates could find it, not intended for any purpose.
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Motherlover
Просто выбранные модики для скурима
Best Dungeon Mods
Collection by: TheShortWiseOne
This is a collection with what I think are the best Dungeon Mods.
Collection by: Leo [PL]
Holy Balls Batman!
Collection by: dr_summin
Best Archery Mods
Collection by: DvasSwagg
Mega archery mod package. I TAKE NO CREDIT!!!!! Whats in here -Drudism Skill tree and spells -New arrows -New armor -New bows -New player home (Elvenwoood)
meine mods
Collection by: SLR_Hoppermine
Collection by: intelli
bla bla bla
many mods extravaganzA
Collection by: Cortex
derp derp derp derp derp derp.
The Anti Animal Lovers Guild
Collection by: Hacbarton
Anything you could use need to mock Pita or any other group of animal lovers. youre welcome, you sick sick sick people. XD
Roleplaying Collection by Wodka
Collection by: Loke03
A few mods that i bring togheter all lore friendly. i think all these mods togheter brings a good rpg game for skyrim ^^
Collection by: Fast bacon
cuz its for mah buddy
Collection by: Андрей
Skyrim Average Person
Collection by: shiningterrapin
I want to be able to feel like I'm not the dragonborn and just an average person. I know there is probably something for this, but I don't care.
Make your game sexys
Collection by: Davey.
Collection by: dstchuck
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Christopher Stewart
My Skyrim Mods (Game Of Thrones Usually)
Collection by: GO BACK TO AFRICA
Skyrim 2.0
Collection by: Tyrone
A few subtle mods that makes the game better overall. Make sure you do not 'Subscribe to all' unless you have the Hearthfire DLC installed. Some of the mods require it. Other mods I use as well: '83Willows 101BugsHD' by 83Willows http://skyrim.n...
Spencer DLC
Collection by: perfectwing
The Gangster Scrolls V: Idiots VS Steampunk
Collection by: Hacbarton
Borderlands 2 meets: Skyrim!
For Da Bois
Collection by: Natto62
Collection by: crazywhitejuggalo
mods i think are cool and would use asap
Dragonborn Dwellings
Collection by: fpsquadrasnipar
This is a collection of player homes I have meticulously designed for different styles of gameplay. Each home has a unique theme to which players can choose which ever one suites their preferences. Whether you're into the stone and gold of Dwemer architec...
SMM's Revamps
Collection by: symphmetalmarine
All the 'Revamp' Mods by Symphmetalmarine
All You Need
Collection by: laytonamber732
skiryn 1
Collection by: ZDeath185
Raxacoricofallapatorius's WTF mods
Collection by: BubbaGhanoushVG™
Mods that i have used since i got skyrim and plan to add more later on
Collection by: Stelio Kontos
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