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Skyrim is Gud
Collection by Grimalkin
Experience Skyrim better than ever. Install BOSS to fix your mod load order or to make it better :) Please read through the mod descriptions but all of them seem to work fine for me, everyone knows mods can collide...
towns and wilagges
Collection by Even
Javier Sagittarius
Collection by Tyke
Troubles in paradise..
iKindred's Essentials
Collection by iKindred
All credit goes to the mod authors this is just a compilation so I can share with my friends. Requires SKSE (
Mis mods R4mb0
Collection by R4mb0
Una coleccion de mis mods.
Einar´s Kollektion
Collection by Einar
Mods verschiedener Autoren aus den Kategorien: Armor, Dungeons, Hauses, Followers und Weapons
Starting mods
Collection by Lucky_Leprechaun
Starter point for mods
Skyrim Mods
Collection by OPSander
Ultra Graphics, Sound, Player Tools And Compatibility
Collection by Synthetic Pulse
This collection is to help you level faster and have all the tools you need, while doing it with some of the best graphical and sound mods out there. I made sure that most of the mods worked well together and had no compatibility issues. Thanks for lookin...
Joppy's Skyrim
Collection by Tyke
Full Skyrim 101
The best skyrim Graphics mods ! ( all work togther)
Collection by Joeotoole99
This Graphic mod set is the best so far i have been playing skyrim a while and these are the best mods for it that ilike I have a GTX 650 and a haswell icore i5 processsor and i can run all of these now lag what so ver so it should be easy for the high...
Collection by DJStitch91
all the mods i am using
Skyrim Mods
Collection by Hyatt
warrior gameplay
Collection by MALAFAT
Better Skyrim mk. Macer Varren
Collection by Latający Gestapowiec
Better Skyrim.
Nothing Special!
Collection by ஜ۩۞Smothgar۞۩ஜ
Better Skyrim
Collection by DAJU
What i use to make Skyrim a better place.
Collection by ||VM:RP|| Dorag
Gr8 B8 M8 this one's for K8
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection
Collection by itsXthomasTAG
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection is nothing more than a simple collection of the mods that several people including myself have made, that i use on a regular basis in-game. I take no credit for the mods made by the other authors, i only take credit f...
My Favorite List (50-60 fps with HD7870 no Crashes)
Collection by ...................
That one collection by that guy
Collection by TheOneSockWonder
PredaTurd's Picks
Collection by Paal <33 Noellie
These are the Workshop Mods I use whenever I play The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It's not much of a graphical improvement but more a polish of the Vanilla Experience.
Skryim mods (old save)
Collection by Alcazar
Skyrim 1
Collection by BadBanana
Hunters Abound
Collection by legocruiser
A one stop shop for all your hunting needs. No DLCs Required!!!
Collection by Falcocelly
Bino's Mawds
Collection by BinoAl
Mods that Bino uses and pushes others to use.
The Dovahnater's Mods
Collection by The Dovahnater
The mods i have uploaded onto the Steam Workshop. They all work together. Enjoy!
Collection by RonaldRaygun
Bow and arrow
Collection by Cysmic
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