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my mods
Collection by: Mr. Spud
Grass & Texture Mods
Collection by: Lunamartin39
Its about the grass if you agree get some mods from my grass collection. Oh I nearly forgot about the texture mods. ;D YAYZZZ!!!
star wars
Collection by: Thebeast
this collection has everything you need for a star wars themed skyrim game this my first ever mod if you want a better theme get a red magicka saber and a black robe
Silenc3 Collection
Collection by: Silenc3
To this collection I will add/remove those mods I'm using.
Pure Mage Gameplay Enhancements
Collection by: ulf.dellbruegge
I always wanted to play a mage, but it was a pain in the ass compared to the ease of just slicing through the game as warrior. This collection tries to help those dreaming of pointy hats and staffs that glow in the dark.
Skyrim Eye Candy and more.
Collection by: Zerg Renegade
Makes Skyrim beautiful, efficient, and deadly.
Skyrim Biutiful World
Collection by: avalon.oshii
un pack de mod incontournable pour une experience de jeux enrichie ( a pack of mods must for a gaming experience enriched )
MUST Have Audio Mods!
Collection by: DBAcursed
Want an eargasm? Use these audio mods! These are the best audio mods on steam.
Über collection
Collection by: Tails1942
This is a collection of seriously epic mods, that WILL make your skyrim awesome. ***Remember that skyUI needs Skyrim Script extender!!*** Everything works perfectly together!
Legends of Total War - alQamars Skyrim 2.0
Collection by: al Qamar
this includes nearly everything you need for a fantastic - no realistic - Skyrim experience for german users main target of this compilation: better graphics - simply most you can get of HD beyond to the steam hd texture pack some but not too imba...
Mods I use!
Collection by: JRFitzy
This is a collection of my favourite mods on the workshop and they are also the mod I use! :D
My Fav mods
Collection by: KingKongIV
My Favorite mods
The Random Assortment of Awesome!
Collection by: Shadow Spark
Well this collection was made just because i felt bored, and whenever i wanted to get a mod from the skyrim nexus, it wouldn't work with any workshop items :(. I made this just becuase i wanted to compensate for all my lost stuff because let me tell you i...
Super Skyrim
Collection by: Comm.Luc
The best mods, no lame crap
Slaking1337's Skyrim Steam Workshop Mod Collection (Not to be used with the Dawnguard expansion)
Collection by: fagbitch2006
This is a collection of mods to increase the visual appeal, difficulty, and overall effectiveness of your experiance in Skyrim while fixing some minor bugs. These mods in this collection improve upon and are not limited to: Armor- Adds more armor, upgr...
Collection by: Eris godess of chaos
PONIES!! PONIES EVERYWERE!!! this collection is for great ways to add more ponies to your gaming time
Defender of Redwall
Collection by: DEvasto
This little collection puts the Sword and Shield of Martin into one easily digestible place, so you don't need to go huntin' around for one or the other. Neither have any complex whizzbangs or doodads or silly stuff like that; the Sword does extra damage ...
Perfecting Whispering Waters
Collection by: Sheadi
This is a mod collection that perfects the look and functionality of Whispering Waters, my player home.
Death Stuff
Collection by: Corruption
fun weapons and armor meant to kill xD and now SPELLS
dark brotherhood take control gameplay
Collection by: shaharcc1
WE KNOW! (join us)
Great Improvements
Collection by: Doomsmurf
Many mods that shouldn't conflict that add so much to the game play and experience.
My Collection of Added Mods
Collection by: papajack_papajohn
Collection of mods added to my Skyrim Game so far.
Skyrim with Ease
Collection by: sikadelic_mu53
Various types of mods
random and good mods
Collection by: jonnylane12
hi guys i knew you all needed a random pack of mods i will give you that! these mods are truly random form cheats to becoming a guard from having a whole army to swords Enjoy these mods there are 56 about o' em. for ULFRIC!!!Tell me what you wa...
Aura Enchantments
Collection by: Josqua
You are a dragonborn, a child of Akatosh, so you should have an aura, that shows your might to your enemys and shows everyone else that you are a special person and the choosen one to save the world of Alduin and many other threats. If you think so, too, ...
Dragon Priest Mask Busts
Collection by: Anne Frank
This is a collection of the Dragon Priest Mask Busts mods I've made.
skyrim Needs!
Collection by: MyNameIsSean
These are some mods that keep the game balanced add new content armour smithing options and makes hunting much better, there is also a mod that means some spells get invested into your magicka spells like oakflesh etc or take part in arena battles like in...
Dank's Essentials
Collection by: Rustwood
Recommended mods (I'm kind of partial to the first one myself :) + a few not on the workshop A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker http://skyri...
Hippogriffs in skyrim
Collection by: Dovahkiin of Epicness
Now there are Hippogriffs in Skyrim you can fly and land by pressing u, and the hippogriffs are beast at killing dragons. buckbeak is hidden so it will be hard to find him. hippogriffs live in the green forest around in skyrim and fly around moutains. DOE...
Lots of (mostly) Lore Friendly Mods
Collection by: Zazian707
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