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Tom's collection
Collection by: MASSIVE PRAWNS
Just mods I use mainly made this so if things mess up and I have to uninstall them all I can find them easier
MeioJo's Skyrim Wounderland
Collection by: MeioJo
The most immersive and compatible graphic enhancments I can find along with the biggest Quest Mods that are either morally ambiguous or offer a real morality choice (The quest does not piegon hole you moraly.)
MMCK's Top 100
Collection by: MadManCK
Collection of some of the best Mods for Skyrim IMO If you do not want to spend hours browsing through all mods and want some Mods that greatly enhance the game in every aspect, check these out. Use BOSS to keep them in order. These Mods work with Hear...
Enjoyable mod submissions
Collection by: Sartorius
Gilly's Stuffs
Collection by: Zombie Robin Williams
Chaz's Mod Selection for the beautifying and not crashing
Collection by: Chaz
A collection of mods that make the game more enjoyable without breaking the balance.
To Be Or Not To Be
Collection by: XPlazm3
A collection that will boost your erge to play skyrim again and again until you cant stop playing it, which is understanderble I guess!
For Pandamanda
Collection by: Bananassassin
Just a collection in the works for my bffl Pandamandabear Here are the Nexus mods I use...I do not own any of them, blah blah blah: 1. 2. 3. http://skyrim.nexusmods.c...
Personal Skyrim Compilation
Collection by: Slippery Wet Noodle
This collection includes my favorite mods. Mods include houses, weapons, armor, companions, graphics, bug fixes, etc. Feel free to add to this collection to personalize it to your hearts desire. I'm not saying that this is the "best" collection of mods bu...
Shaele's collection
Collection by: Shaele
Hello! This is the set of mods I use to make the best out of this already great game. Feel free to use it if you like it!
Für Marius
Collection by: [DMAS] Demitrie
Das Beste für das schöne Tamriel
Nut Up or Shut Up
Collection by: Ac Mael (Super-Genius!)
This is a Hardcore collection, with crafting additions to flesh out inventory items and locations.
Enhanced skyrim
Collection by: john_be
It's just my choice of really good mods on skyrim to enhanced graphics. I have no problems on : Asus p8z77 I5-3570 MSI GTX 560 Ti OC Just 1 sec of loading between both of area... Enjoy it! ^^
Cdizzles Collection
Collection by: Believe
This is a Collection for my Homie Cdizzle The Only Mods I Run on the Nexus are: Alternate Start - Live Another Life Skyrim Monster Mod & Skyrim Monster Mod Extras n Collectables MY OTHER COLLECTON LINKS If You Want The Complete Weaponry/A...
make skyrim fun
Collection by: Mr.Nalicow
here there be food
Collection by: Lightningboltkd
epic gigantic food
For Shaun
Collection by: Lights
Wraithwain's Collection of Favorite Mods
Collection by: Wraithwain
A bunch of my favorite mods, for easy reference for my friends.
Collection by: Collective Consciousness
to andrey
Atheistus's awesome Skyrim
Collection by: Atheistus
This is my Setup for Skyrim. But besides the Mods in the Workshop i use a good amount of extra Addons from the nexus. For the best and graphically awesomest experience use them too. Th nexus mods are the following: Achieve That! Dark Brotherhood: Resu...
Bound to be a Warrior
Collection by: nicholson_evan
Working in tandem, these mods let you be an awesome bound-weapon fighter! These mods are logical fixes, not cheats! This collection makes the following changes: First and foremost: Bound weapons level up. Now they are usuable in later stages Second: ...
FD's Skyrim Essential Mods
Collection by: bob robson
A collection of small tweaks that make a huge difference. To me, these are essential mods! Some may require SKSE for full functionality, but all work with the base game and without Dawnguard installed.
selection of good mods
Collection by: ebym2207
Selection of good mods is, well a selection of good mods found on the steam workshop that I thought would be interesting to make a collection of. There is a bit of every mod catagory to diversify abit. I chose mods that would not change skyrim much.
More Light Spells Collection
Collection by: Noodles
This is the collection containing all four possible options of the More Light Spells Mod. This mod adds 4 new versions of Candelight and 3 new versions of Magelight for mages who want to be able to see farther. All spells are balanced and available fro...
The Chosen One
Collection by: XPlazm3
A collection of overpowered mods that will rock your SKYRIM
Collection by: Gibley
Time Bending Monk
Collection by: CmdCNTR
Have you ever wanted to fight hand to hand with a good leveling system and be waaaay faster than NPC's? These two mods allow you to control time and fight hand to hand with a great monk style leveling system. Freeze time, lay waste to your enemies with a ...
Collection by: SDP Ragequit
lolololololol normal
Goober and Sam's Ideal Collection
Collection by: Samio
Ideal, essential mods at your convenience. Special Thanks to Goobertrooper for the tips!
Recreating Unique Armor and Weapons
Collection by: rolandsnow
This mod collection allows you disenchant unique enchantments, recreate unique weapons, extend the range of items that receive enchantments, and add multiple new enchanments onto one new piece of equipment. In short, you can recreate your favorite unique ...
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