The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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awesome pack
Collection by: [T.T] #DRAGON#
for my friends and people makes skyrim more funny
The Firewood Mods Collection
Collection by: Teh_Reel_Batmun
Includes two mods that either set the weight of firewood to nothing or 2.5.
Collection by: WolfieWrightPaw
Sitzt, passt, wackelt und hat Luft
Collection by: Mid(k)Night
Ist nur eine zusammenstellung der mods die ich nutze einfach weil ich mir dachte mir gefallen sie alle und vielleicht denken andere ebenso und müssen weniger suchen ;) .... auch wenn ich der meinung bin das eh kaum jemand auf solche kollektionen achtet X...
Angularity's Eye Candy Overhaul for Skyrim
Collection by: Angularity
In this collection, I will showcase over 40 Skyrim mods that have improved my time with Skyrim greatly. This will range from graphical mods, to gameplay altering mods, to a whole fanmade questline. I do not recommend this setup if you can't run unmodded S...
Sheogorath's Gifts to Tamriel
Collection by: erico88
An amount of gifts from the Isles, or maybe they aren't. Anyhow, there is no shame in a nice bit of madness, is there?
Ratsplat's Follower Mods
Collection by: Ratsplat
All of the mods that I have created that add or change followers in some way will be present in this collection of mine.
Collection by: Thallian
personal steam mod collection
Graphics and Immersion
Collection by: Sprinkle
A collection of my favorite graphics and immersion mods, assembled for my friend who asked which mods he should install. We both have pretty good computers and some of these could impact performance, but a lot of them don't. Please be sure to visit the...
Longer Dragon Battles BASE
Collection by: snowgim
Dragons have extra Base Health. Battles last longer. These mods are compatible with Dawnguard (except Durnehviir) and Dragonborn. To fix Durnehviir, select the appropriate addon below. This is a sequel to my Longer Dragon Battles 2x, 4x, 8x mods th...
New Races All
Collection by: shiningterrapin
This is a compillation of my New Races Mods. List of Races from Custom Races Wolf Elf- It's an elf who's fairly good at fighting and sneaking. Ghost Brenton- It's a ghost Breton. (Note: don't click on this one unless you're using one, also desc...
Better Visuals and Feelings
Collection by: Failexe
A collection filled with mods to make a better visual and graphic feeling for users with low GPUs. It also contains some money balancing mods and items. No OP mods like 10000Gold or instant lv100 one-handed.
My Favorites
Collection by: Bloody Beagle©
Mods that I like most for Skyrim '-' Collection requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) version 1.6.16 or newer. Get it from
Zack's Best Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Zacarías
These are the mods that I've made and I think they are my best work. I like working on quest and dungeon mods for Skyrim. Quest mods that start with dialogue may need you to save your game at the starting npc and load that save. I'm currently worki...
Skyrim Hardcore Mode
Collection by: Fish
Better Artifacts
Collection by: Noobplayzgames
Where I edit the Artifacts to make them more powerful. Warning, Probolly NOT lore friendly. I've always been annoyed about getting an Artifact after a long hard (or easy; or just plain annoying) quest and I look at it's enchantment and...
Skyrim Additions
Collection by: Drac Morte
Good collection198282282
Collection by: -AoG-SHARKE BYTE [FYG]
Muh 'Merican collection...
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