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True Skyrim (no DLC)
Collection by Grayscars
no dlc needed
Collection Ellection Bobection
Collection by PotpourriMorri
Collection of current mods I use. No errors or conflicts so far, will update if I notice any.
Hardcore Pack
Collection by SlenderTurtle
This collection is made to make Skyrim much more challenging.
To Alex
Collection by Harleen Quinzel
Sod off
Lore-Friendly Gameplay Mods (Base Game ONLY)
Collection by Meme Queen
This is the small collection of mods that I use for my DLC-less Skyrim. There are no drastic graphics mods in here and the ones that I have included should run well on most computers.
The Dude's Collection
Collection by The Wizard
I'm putting together everything I can to improve the game in general, making sure non conflict and if they do I'll be posting solutions.
The Roleplay Gamer's Skyrim Mods
Collection by The Roleplay Gamer
This is the collection of mods I have been using so far in my Let's Roleplay Skyrim series ( The collection tends to grow every few episodes as I find more mods that suit ...
The Essentail Mods of Skyrim
Collection by Loading...
Ever play Skyrim and noticed that they made a big mistake? Like not having questmarkers for the quest "No Stones Unturned",or not being able to go back to Sovngarde? Well,these mods will fix many of those mistakes. Some may require DLC's.
Hjerim Servants Complete Pack [multi]
Collection by DarthWound
[ --- ENGLISH --- ] This collection contains my 3 "Hjerim Servants". These mods should be multilingual (need confirmation). They don't pretend to be the best mods of the year. They're just here for roleplay purpose in a more "living" Hjerim. Bard p...
Skyrim Ones
Collection by chazzee23
My mods
Basic Graphic and Gameplay Enriching Collection
Collection by Polyphemos
A collection of basic graphic and gameplay enriching objects. All objects of the collection are compatible with each other. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is needed. Download it here:
Eetulle modit
Collection by Suokukko
Nexus' Skyrim Addons
Collection by Nexus
A list of addons that i'm have developed for Skyrim.
Collection by Slappaninja
The 200
Collection by Ambushclose
200 Reasons to reinstall Skyrim. All DLC required. SKSE required Mod Organizer required SSME (Skyrim Startup Memory Editor) Highly recommended
Liam's Skyrim Mods
Collection by Liam
A group of mods i created including things such as: Companions, Player homes and Custom Spells.
Skyrim Cities Expanded
Collection by Wizard Whizzard
This collection makes easy acces to all the separate mods of my design that significantly increase the size of cities in Skyrim, making them feel like a real cities rather than villages. I am especially proud about my solitude expansion, where the size of...
My Skyrim Reality
Collection by Guabuellaitor Of Djitsunu
I tried to create a reality through such mods as - Unofficial Patches & Riften Jail Escape fix - Various Music & Sounds for interior and exterior locations - High Quality textures for Skyrim map, items, containers, blood spatters, spell impacts, embers...
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