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hot a whaba zembowbwey new jersey
Collection by iGhost4U
Unique Item Upgrades - Dragon Priest Masks
Collection by barble
A collection of mods made by me that buffs the enchantments on the nine vanilla Dragon Priest Masks, as well as changes them for different Heavy/Light/Mage armor playstyles.
Collection by Nyx
SKSE Starter Mods
Collection by Corti
These are some good mods that require the Skyrim Script Extender. I will add more mods later on. Download SKSE at
The Real World (Kinda)
Collection by DiRiN
SkyUI is installed in this pack, and is the only mod that requires additional files for installation, Please view the mod description. Other than that, this is all fully functional for Dawnguard. Graphics, crafting, visuals, realism, camping. Have fun!...
Mods I would recommend
Collection by DarkFox127
This is a collection of mods which I would recommend as I either currently use them in my game and have enjoyed them or I have tried and liked but may not have kept running on my machine for some reason. I like togo for mods which feel like they should be...
Elders Perk mods
Collection by inc99.9999
this is all my perk editing mods. if you have any perk trees you wish me to edit please comment, and if you have issues with any of the mods please notify me.
optiondelete's collection of doom
Collection by [aNm] optiondelete
My Essential Skyrim Mods
Collection by Red Squirrel
A group of mods to make the original game that little bit better. No massive gameplay changing items, many are cosmetic alterations. I've also stuck with mods that do not require external files. I like to keep it simple through the Steam Workshop. R...
Skyrim Mods
Collection by elliswigga
Marriable Males and Females
Collection by firestarawesome
Tired of all of the marriable NPCs? None of the people cool enough? Well, check here and see if your future spouse is waiting! :D
Danno's Skyrim Collection
Collection by dannodude101 (K.O.T.B.O.)
This a collection of mods to make your gameplay a littel better without changing the game to much. Hope you like it and if you now any other mods that dou t change the game to much let me now.
RemuValtrez's Complete Perks Overhaul
Collection by Hexerin
This is all of RemuValtrez's perks overhauls, put together in a single spot.
Collection by MitchBuchannon
Nation's Treasures
Collection by DrNation
all of my treasure mods in one place
Collection by thedog98
lets play
Skyrim: Small RPG Beginner Homes
Collection by Nekoon
A collection of small (realistic) beginner home beside the big and unrealistic all-in-one-castles of many other player homes. These are little shacks where you can hang your hat and get some sleep. You don't need a mansion - just some shelter from the ...
Unlimited Omnipotence
Collection by Beast Of War
Zac's collection of unlimited effect/ultra-high-end mods.
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