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Wild Werewolves and Silver Weapons
Collection by Default
Adds wild werewolves to the world. Some are very strong some are average and a few weak. This collection also makes silver ingots easier to obtain, by letting you smelt silver cups, bowls, candle sticks, and more. This collection also adds silversmithing ...
Skyrim Essential Mods
Collection by YaN
A small collection mods for skyrim.
Skyrim Improvement
Collection by Christy
This is my own prefered subscribed mods from authors on Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. These should work just fine on a mid end Pc. My specs (retrived from Aida) Phenom 2 X4 3.7ghz 6gb DDR2 9800GTX+ SLI These work without issue for me. I sta...
Captain's Collection
Collection by VDV - hello from the sky!
This is the collection of mods which I am currently using in Skyrim. It adds various new content such as cool new armours and clothing pieces, random quests and new environments and unique weapons. The Throwing Weapons mod is one of my favourites, sin...
My Skyrim
Collection by Avroveks
My Skyrim
My Better Skyrim
Collection by Niko40k
Skyrim Reborn
Collection by Shantarr
THIS COLLECTION REQUIRES ALL SKYRIM OFFICIAL DLC, DON'T BE A B^TCH, SUPPORT THIS AWESOME GAME! (This is a living collection, check back often. Especially my co-workers - Don't slack!!!) This collection requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) versio...
Assassin's creed
Collection by treno0351
Assassin's creed wepons,armor, and characters.
Collection by The Ultimate XD
I use all of these mods together, so they shouldn't conflict at all. I also have Tropical Skyrim and a Third person .ini tweak that I use. It takes away the combat center-screen thing so that the camera doesn't move when going in and out of combat. I will...
Sanderson's Skyrim Collection
Collection by [B/1-187IR] Sanderson
Collection for my friends
90% Double Gpu
Collection by Beka ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Use the ENB
Immortals "Gotta have FUN", too!- "Let's ROCK & ROLL"!
Collection by RuggdTreeHugger
I made a an Immortal decision two seprate the Races Mods from the Gifts, Abuilities, and Magic Item's they are friends: Quick Tutorial: Search near Whiterun after Riverwood to find some quick Ninroot, please don't eat it(mod) and pay to t...
Collection Deluxe #1
Collection by Wolle
Collection by Veruca James
Better, harder, fannyer.
Useful Utilities
Collection by Lemonocle
A collection of mutually compatable utility mods I use in my game.
Lore Friendly Immersible Skyrim Mods
Collection by Obanon
As I was looking through the collections, i found none that really suited me, so I figured maybe there might be some others who wanted their skyrim experience the way i enjoy playing; lore friendly, immersive, and fun. ---Fav Enb's?--- My favourite en...
Skrim mods By Benexus!
Collection by CHILL
My list of trusted mods! Dont forget that my friends were a big part in this AMAZING collection! Thanks to all of the creators of these perfect mods!
Skyrim More Quests
Collection by Russer
Awesome skyrim quest mods you must have.
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