The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Top Zelda Mods
Collection by: SchattigFury
This is a collection of all the greatest of Zelda mods in one big package. Be sure to check them out and give credit to the creators / developers! (In my opinion).
Skyrim Content Mods
Collection by: [pG] WREKT-Back Till 7/24
This is an collection of skyrim mods which add new quests and perferably a new area. These are to give you more quests after completion. Note that I did not create any of these mods, nor are they in any particular order. Mods not on steam workshop and the...
a collection of mods i use
Collection by: gamerfriendly
A collection of mods that I use
Ike's Collection
Collection by: Mast3r Mahan
This is my mods packs
Santtinen's Skyrim
Collection by: [DFS] Santtinen12
For all my friends and random people.
Dovahbears Personal Modpack.
Collection by: Dovahbear
A modpack that I use when I play skyrim. A lore friendly mod pack. I love it! I decided to make it all into a mod pack since my friend was going to get skyrim as well. I do not take the credit of making the mods, you can see their names to the right. ...
TES V: Skyrim - Mods
Collection by: Raygee
good mods
Collection by: Legolas
this collectonfetures all the mods i use
Collection by: AVARTAAR
AVARTAAR'S SKYRIM MOD COLLECTION I think it's just amazing what is possible - artistically and technically - with the right mods installed in Skyrim: Suddenly heavy rain batters into your face, blizzards white out and take the last of your sight and wh...
Here u go fgt
Collection by: Deidara
For Garrett the fgt
pack survie
Collection by: KesaKoo
The Mods I Use
Collection by: Mana Tiger
ultimate enhanced skyrim
Collection by: herbyvor2004
whole set of over 150 mods all working generally well together REQUIRES SKSE for sky-ui
Nekkros Collection
Collection by: Nekros
A collection of stuff
Sickne22 Collection
Collection by: [FG] Andgar
I am working on this collection a little; Load list and so on.
Skyrim Hot Stuff
Collection by: GalthorTheBear
Don't tell me what to do.
Oktoberfest's ultra hard difficulty. Can you accept the challenge?
Collection by: Science
Just a bunch of mods that i gathered from around le workshop, tried to get all the mods that would make you rage. CAN YOU ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE? CHALLENGE: DO AS MANY QUESTS AS POSSIBLE (side quests do not count, you do not have to do them but you c...
Useful Magic Stuff
Collection by: Insane Turtle
Stuff I find useful.
Endgame Daedric 1h Sword/daggers
Collection by: A Figment Of Your Imagination
This is both the "fixed" version and the normal version of my Endgame Daedric Sword/daggers mod, as you need the both of them for it to work 100% correctly... the primary differance between the two mods being that one lets you make all the items, and the ...
Collection by: [OrC] Preachyr
collection for tyler
my mix
Collection by: Solgrim
MuffinPie's necessities
Collection by: MuffinPie
Mostly gameplay and immersion improving mods I find essential to any playthrough.
Priminus V1.2
Collection by: Priminus
Kollektion von EPISCHEN mods.
Collection by: Voll Horst Klampenberger
Mods aus dem Let's Play ( Allerdings unvollständig, weil nicht alle verwendeten mods im Steam Workshop vorhanden sind. Die restlichen sind in der Beschreibung dieses Youtube Videos zu sehen: (link folgt)
my temp list
Collection by: Rul3zr
This is just the mods im currently using as of 9/14/2013 using many more non steam one this one is partially related to my other collection
Epic Dovakhin
Collection by: georgiisteinruck
Ich hab noch nie eine Kollektion oder ähnliches gemacht deswegen hoffe ich ihr nehmt es mir nicht übel wenn es ein bisschen unprofessionell wird ;) !
Empowered Moderation
Collection by: Western Infidel
Fixes most game pain points. No mod conflicts or issues. Collection tested for a year plus. Thieves guild can be routed, War in the wild is nice, better dragons, dont have to kill kil parthinax. Good NPC company, bag of holding, magic more inline with exp...
Ma'Dat's Mods
Collection by: Dr. Miraak D.D.S
The mods I use as Ma'Dat. Stuff for khajiit, werewolves, skooma addicts, and warriors. Like the companions. So yeah here you go.
Jamsoes Best Houses
Collection by: jamsoe123
This is a list of the most magnificent, amazing and impressive houses in skyrim. You want a good house, look through this collection and find an amazing assortment of houses.
Sneak for me
Collection by: jpm1331
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