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Collection by Ordellus
I find the original skyrim to be annoying, and dumbed down. I intend to change the things that bother me.
My Setup
Collection by Arod Snaux
My collection of mods, built for immersion, usefulness and beauty, while still being able to maintain 50+ fps and no crashing.
GeneralSam122's Skyrim Collection
Collection by General Sam123
This is a collection of all of the aesthetic mods used in my videos.
Collection by WaggleNinjaBeast
My Collection, use as you wish. All are compatible with each other, tested by yours truly.
Skyrim: As it should have been
Collection by Domcoppinger
Not your typical mod collection! These are the mods that all Skyrim users should have! This is a collection of "mods" that make very basic changes to the game, purely to addrese many common complaints. This is the mod pack that will make your game into...
Realism: Complex Needs, Camping Kit + Traps, hypothermia, decent raggdoll, open cities, improved sounds
Collection by Farrapo.Jinxed
A Few More Features in Winterhold
Collection by ThePhoenix
A collection of small changes which make Winterhold more of a fully featured town without changing the overall feel of the place.
I'Rauko's Favorite Mods
Collection by Valador
A collection of the best gameplay enhacing mods
Elf Eyelash Bugixes
Collection by Machienzo.neo
A range of fixes to both High Elf and Wood Elf eyelashes, which were originally the cause of the how the characters where initially generated.
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