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Dungeons by PaperBoat
Collection by: Paperboat
A collection of all dungeon mods made by me, PaperBoat.
add content,better graphics, and stuff (all working together)
Collection by: xmoon
all these mods work together .....took alot of testing but i finaly got it working feel free to comment i take no credit for the mods ....just the collection
Best of the best
Collection by: Merlin mit dem Zelt :3
All my fvourite Mods :)
Best Collection Out There
Collection by: [SRAT] Fox
Incredible balanced mod collection, great for playing without changing too much about the base gameplay, but improving the bad things in it..
All-Around Collection
Collection by: .kadash
A "small" collection that includes standalone armors, weapons, tweaks and other useful stuff. It only includes mods which i think are not like cheating or something like that. They just make the game a little more enjoyable. "Skyrim Script Extender" ne...
Collection by: acarroll15
A host of weapon, spell and armour mods that i find helpful and fun
deborah's Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: deborah
These are the lighting, texture, and model mods available in Steam Workshop that I'm using that make Skyrim prettier. I am using several beautification mods that are not available on Steam Workshop (i.e., they're on Nexus): Silly Level of Detail (poti...
Hail Collection
Collection by: Arexiys
This Collection contain all Hail equipments:- Light Armor Heavy Armor Weapons Crossbow ( need's dawnguard DLC ) Elemental arrows
Vagrant's Essential Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Vagrant
Welcome to my list of mods for Skyrim which I can't live without. Here's a brief explanation of why I use these. ~UTILITIES~ - SKSE : This is THE mod that will make almost every other mod work properly. SKSE stands for "Skyrim Script Extender". ...
My Followers
Collection by: Anduniel
A collection of my follower mods: - Fantasy Followers: adds Flame Atronach, Dragon, Spriggan, Wisp, Wolf, and Giant - Nadina Fire-Heart: fully-voiced companion
Convenience Tweaks
Collection by: Team Vladof
Mods to fix minor issues, annoyances, inconveniences, and/or to make the game easier. Some of these are definitely cheats, because I like to play a "touristy" game of Skyrim. So, pick-n-choose as you see fit.
MsChif's Favorite Mods
Collection by: MsChif
A list of my favorite mods, mine included.
Bordeciel Update
Collection by: fredoric1001
Compilation de mods Lore Friendly dont l'objectif est d'améliorer la province de Bordeciel visuellement en y intégrant de façon réfléchie et pertinante du contenu issue des DLC Dawngard et Dragonborn.
Thief Mods
Collection by: Nunna'Ya'Business
Collection by: ivan.mig
проста чтоб не потерять снова :):):):):):):)
Maladjusted's Special
Collection by: Maladjusted
my little pony collection
Collection by: Necromancer
YAY! its a my little pony friendship is magic collection! have fun and dont forget to rate! :)
Collection by: looter
A collection of mods looter uses
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