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better Skyrim Graphics (german description)
Collection by LordDescon
Bitte nicht von dem Trashigen Titelbild abschrecken lassen! Es ist einfach nur schwer einen 19:9 Full HD Screenshot in 4:4 195x195 Bild umzuwandeln. Danke! Ich habe einige Grafikmods zusammengesucht, mit denen ich auch selber spiele. Sie funktionieren...
My Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by Flò.óny®™
just some stuff for better graphics and a few mods to improve the usual gameplay if you like my collection which is all done by other developers...thanks for the subscription and a big shot to all the modders and free content creators, you are the g...
Violent's Collection
Collection by [N7]Violence Prime
A list of what I have installed at the moment. 99% sure that nothing conflicts here. It's a fair mix of various tweaks that shouldn't hit your system too hard, with some weapons, armor, and buildings. Take note that this collection was created for those w...
Skyrim Awesomeness
Collection by masterjeef
This is a collection of mods i find good and lore-friendly with skyrim's feel. Feel free to comment any mod i should get or delete. Also, you need Skse from‎ . Here are the nexus mods, just search them up. 1.SkyUI 2.Civil War Ov...
Umbra's Realism (Audio Edition)
Collection by Umbra Domini
This is a collection of mods to enhance the sounds of skyrim as well as the soundtrack.
The Sheogorath Collection
Collection by cwstein
My all time favorite character from the Elder Scrolls series is SHEOGORATH. Since I love him so much, i created a collection of all Sheogorath related mods on the workshop. Enjoy...... OR ILL PLUCK OUT YOUR EYES! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Inventory Solutions
Collection by SkyroBlade
Assortment of inventory helping mods that can be used seperately or together. Because all that stuff wont store itself, and you've got adventuring to do. Sky UI requires Skyrim Script Extender, if you dont know how to operate that there are several vid...
New Argonian-Based Races
Collection by Bubbly Frog
This collection holds my Argonian-based mods. Please read the description of each one before using. Enjoy!
6!r1's Mod Collection
Collection by Seishiro
Mods I use and love that don't decrease preformance greatly, and fits the games lore. Updated for DLCs, make sure to uncheck if you don't have the DLC required. I also excluded SkyUI, due to needing SKSE, but totally recommend both of those. SKSE will...
Tristus Skyrim
Collection by Tristus
A install Collection for my Friends ... Thanky to all the authors of the Mods! They're great!!
awesome pack
Collection by Jam
for my friends and people makes skyrim more funny
Niners Skyrim Collection
Collection by Niner
Collection of Skyrim Mods
Civil War Followers
Collection by George Washington
These mods by CaesarNG contain followers whose main uses are to fight alongside the player in the Civil War.
Schöner,Besser,Geilere welt
Collection by zubarus-dzw
My mods
Collection by Silivento
mods for my game
Sitzt, passt, wackelt und hat Luft
Collection by Mid(k)Night
Ist nur eine zusammenstellung der mods die ich nutze einfach weil ich mir dachte mir gefallen sie alle und vielleicht denken andere ebenso und müssen weniger suchen ;) .... auch wenn ich der meinung bin das eh kaum jemand auf solche kollektionen achtet X...
Collection by AlphaGodith
Gameplay fixes and minor enhancments. These alter and add content to the game that really should have been in it to begin with. All lore-friendly and balanced.
Regius Ultimate Mod Package
Collection by Regius
Made this collection for friends and family but other people are more then welcome to use it. You will have to have all DLC for skyrim or this collection wont work ! This will make skyrim look and sound nice but also keep it simple and nothing really O...
Skyrim's Enhanced Cities Towns & Villages
Collection by Guild of Rogue Force Users
This is A Collection of the mods that Enhance the Cities Towns & Villages of Skyrim
New Races All
Collection by shiningterrapin
This is a compillation of my New Races Mods. List of Races from Custom Races Wolf Elf- It's an elf who's fairly good at fighting and sneaking. Ghost Brenton- It's a ghost Breton. (Note: don't click on this one unless you're using one, also desc...
Griever's Choice Cuts
Collection by Kodoku
Mods n' shit that I take a liking to.
Mods utilisés pour le physique de mon personnage
Collection by LawlietDAYS
Voici les mods que j'utilise pour améliorer le physique de mon personnage <(^-^)>
Assassins creed
Collection by DireWolf12345
This is my collection of mods I think you need to create the perfect assassins creed playthrough. I also recommend these mods from the nexus: Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood armour: Duncan Walpole ...
Skyrim: Update
Collection by Iron
I want an updated Skyrim that adds new content, but not in a way that makes it unfamiliar. This collection is my attempt at doing that.
Chadly's Super Skyrim (150+ mods)
Collection by chadly2150
My personal collection of mods. The build I play with myself, so good I thought I'd share. Don't know what the hit to your system will be. I'm on a laptop: Core i7 - 2GB GeForce GT 630M and it runs good. Mostly minor graphic tweaks and class or spell enha...
Skyrim enhanced mods
Collection by Celebrimbor
This are some mods that are a must in skyrim. Some of the are difrent versions of the city is enhanced choose which one you like the best!
skyrim mods dec'anator
Collection by declankerbycollins
Lazy Zack Skyrim Mods
Collection by Your Imagination
Mods I generally use and my lil bro wanted.
스카이림 한글 패치
Collection by 간개토패왕
Collection by 61_GoldenSniper_61
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