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Skyrim mods for low systems
Collection by: Echnaton
In fact: If you visit youtube and watch some very nice skyrim videos some players with weak computers are not able to reproduce it. But these players like me also want to play a good game like skyrim, with some mods. This collection of mods is for player...
Skyrim's Very Vanilla Essentials
Collection by: Trooper
There are a few features that are not in the game, nor in the expansion, and which would greatly smooth out the Skyrim experience. This is collection of those mods that will make a few tedious tasks in Skyrim, easy, thus letting you enjoy the game much mo...
Glowing Mining Nodes (base game + Dragonborn)
Collection by: Aiue
Makes mining nodes from the base game and the Dragonborn DLC glow. Colour will vary depending on what kind of ore it yields. Note: Sometimes ore deposits may fail to begin to load, looking into what may cause this. Currently functioning most of the tim...
Shizz yo
Collection by: Ogremech
Basically what i run on my laptop for skyrim
Skyrim Collection
Collection by: ThirstyLizard
Lore-friendly mods that work together, Courtesy of
Friend pack
Collection by: -=(Luffiy)=-
Just a collection for friends whom want to use the mod packs I use and are fully compatible with eachother. It mainly has graphical updates and some game additions.
Waelder's list
Collection by: ^•ﻌ•^Waelder
yadda yadda
mods graficos de skyrim
Collection by: Bruno
mods de graficos
CommunistKitten's "Amazing Skyrim" Graphics Collection [HEARTHFIRE NEEDED]
Collection by: CommunistKitten
This collection makes Skyrim look amazing. Hearthfire is needed. Check out my sound mod:
Collection by: Extreme
Collection of all the best Visual and Gameplay mods I've witnessed while browsing through workshop.
Coleção NS Games -
Collection by: k4yl3igh.exe
Coleção especial de Mods para NS Gamers!!! Está é uma coleção com o máximo de modificações possíveis exclusivas da Steam Workshop, eu estou testando ainda a combinação de mais de 200 Mods dessa coleção e todos os que derem conflitos ...
Skyrim Polish
Collection by: [PL]Лфнту
Kolekcja dla Polaków od Polaka :): -Jest to 1 część -Kolekcje Polish Skyrim będą udostępniane prawdopodobnie co tydzień -W pierwszej części pokaże wam mody z których korzystam
Minecraft tools (pickaxe & swords)
Collection by: Need 20cc's of Dosh! STAT!
Just minecraft pickaxe and swords SECOND MODPACK
Skyrim: Improved Adventuring
Collection by: DarkSmoothie
This is just a small collection of nice mods that I am currently running on Skyrim. These mods will add additional Vegetation, Graphical improvements and a few other features. So far the mods seem to be compatible. This is currently just for vanilla Skyri...
Hail Collection
Collection by: Arexiys
This Collection contain all Hail equipments:- Light Armor Heavy Armor Weapons Crossbow ( need's dawnguard DLC ) Elemental arrows
Blackys Skyrim
Collection by: Black7en
############## - SKSE needed! - SweetFX with "Skyrim Enhanced" suggested ############## Have Fun! :) ~blacky
True Boss Battles for True Dragonborns And mods i use.
Collection by: Guardion of Katakiuchi
Im adding sevrul massive Hardcore Bosses For the vinella Game they Are all Going to be level 325 And alot biger and bader then theyer counter parts They will respawn And U can easly say they resemble a Titan. Sory bout the Dedicationsh thing kind of just...
My Followers
Collection by: Anduniel
A collection of my follower mods: - Fantasy Followers: adds Flame Atronach, Dragon, Spriggan, Wisp, Wolf, and Giant - Nadina Fire-Heart: fully-voiced companion
MASTER Difficulty +
Collection by: ChaotiKPranXter
FOR MASTER DIFFICULTY: This small collection is for those of us that find Master difficulty too easy... This collection consists of: - Leveled enemies beyond the vanilla cap - Random large scale battles - Realistic lighting makes the game much dark...
Fun Mods.
Collection by: The Ultimate XD
Collection by: DJ Storm
Better Skyrim
Collection by: tharp76
This is a collection of mods for people who just want the game to look better and be more immersive, it includes several mods that will greatly improve the experience while staying lore-friendly.
barrier with khajiitguards by falkreathhouse(German)
Collection by: Rha Do
a small khajiitgroup guards the playerhome by falkreath two merchants three follower two trainer
A Few Mods!
Collection by: Sweet Jesus Tender Bunz
This is made by me but all works are made by jessdpeterson! O.K so these are a bunch of sick mods that include armours and many other things. What jess has done is got all of this stuff and change the textures using Creation Kit. There is stuff like ...
Collection by: Boom
появляется новое для скайрим
Owatch's LOTR Armory
Collection by: Owatch
JUST GETTING STARTED EDIT: Report if the mod does not work, and I will take a look at what workshop files I uploaded My first post is of a (slightly) buggy Uruk Hai helmet (PLEASE STILL TRY IT!!) This is my first time modding: Planned projects:...
new mod list
Collection by: lewiswall1
my latest list of mods i use
Some More Enemies collection
Collection by: Elbow Monster
This is a collection of all my mods that add some more enemies to the game.
Lore Friendlyish/Not Absurd Mod Collection I Use
Collection by: FluffyMcSerious
For anyone that is interested the mods I use. I will keep this collection updated for friends, and other skyrim players :D
Brandeeno's Mod Collection
Collection by: Brandeeno
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