The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Wild Werewolves and Silver Weapons
Collection by: Default
Adds wild werewolves to the world. Some are very strong some are average and a few weak. This collection also makes silver ingots easier to obtain, by letting you smelt silver cups, bowls, candle sticks, and more. This collection also adds silversmithing ...
Improved Skyrim
Collection by: DohleMitPistole696
Skyrim: Localizaciones [KinesferaGames]
Collection by: KinesferaGames
Una selección creciente de localizaciones extra (casas, ciudades...) para nuestro mundo de Skyrim. Próximamente más.
Christmas Mods
Collection by: T3rRoR_SoLdi3R
A collection of the best christmas mods.
Skyrim collection
Collection by: X)DATGUY14X
best supportive workshop items but not cheating so you'll have more bloody fun lul
Shpongle's Mods
Collection by: Shpongle
Enhance gameplay, graphics, and sound. Lore friendly.
Skyrim: Small RPG Beginner Homes
Collection by: Nekoon
A collection of small (realistic) beginner home beside the big and unrealistic all-in-one-castles of many other player homes. These are little shacks where you can hang your hat and get some sleep. You don't need a mansion - just some shelter from the ...
SKSE Starter Mods
Collection by: crazYcloud23
These are some good mods that require the Skyrim Script Extender. I will add more mods later on. Download SKSE at
KaiKaiser's Pack of Wonderful Mods
Collection by: ◄CurlyKaiserBunny►
Just some of my favorite mods gonna put all together :D Which make the game soo much more enjoyable without barely making a cheat out of it :3 All these mods should work with each other soo yeah <-> Copyright goes to everyone who made or owns their...
Collection by: artci1978
Wszystko o Skyrim
Gauldur Amulet
Collection by: SHDWSNP
My gauldur amulet mods all in once place for easy picking. **WARNING ONLY HAVE ONE VERSION AT A TIME**
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: TheBatSwagg
Mods that I don't play without. Not massive overhauls or content additions, just little tweaks that should have been there from the beginning. For the most part immersive as well, I believe.
Marriable Males and Females
Collection by: firestarawesome
Tired of all of the marriable NPCs? None of the people cool enough? Well, check here and see if your future spouse is waiting! :D
Humble Homes Edition
Collection by: Wheezin Warrior
These are my favorite humble house mods that I've found which I'd prefer to remember so that is why this collection now exists! Ogren has informed me it would be nice if you found benefit from this collection as well. These houses are small, they absolute...
Almost Reality HD Pack
Collection by: pokefan199
This collection contains a variety of mods that make skyrim look more Realistic and High Definition. Feel free to suggest more mods.
Ashten's Skyrim Visual modpack
Collection by: Ashten
No gameplay changes, just upgraded visuals
Skyrim Beautification Colleciton
Collection by: LongDevil
Here are the Steam Workshop mods I have been using. 160+ hours and no problems yet with this configuration. Also using Kalicolas Enhanced Graphics from Nexusmods.
Skyrim with added awesome!
Collection by: Hobbesgoblin
This is the collection of mods I'm playing with on Skyrim. At the end is a list of stuff from Skyrim Nexus, too. Just to be clear - I claim no credit for teh mods here, all are made by other people, who's work enhanced my Skyrim playing experience man...
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