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ImpaleTheFallen's Mod Colletion
Collection by: impalethefallen
Sharing this for all my Skype buddies!
Shephurd Skyrim wicked sick collection
Collection by: Shepherd
enhanced graphics, gameplay and extra weapons, crafting etc.
BNA Choice
Collection by: Sniper[bna]™
My favorite mods on Steam Workshop for Skyrim.
Collection by: paxapum
Skyrim Enhancement (lore and core game friendly)
Collection by: Epitaph
This collection seeks to beathe new life into Skyrim while maintaining the core functionality, quest line, and feel of the game. None of these mods will interfere with what Bethesda planned the game to be like. Every mod in this collection has been test...
Collection by: slop
z0's collection
Collection by: z0mb13k1ll
skyman's world
Collection by: Grayscars
this is what i use when i play skyrim. and its looks epic!
FanMadeCollectionSeries HoW
Collection by: Umbrella
Another collection of mods, fans favorites, lost and found. The collection works towards upgrading and expanding the game, this does take some performance. From adding new area's, only 1 free home, new items and creatures with much more wild life. We want...
Cereal Killers Special Collection
Collection by: PlanetronixX
IPlay´s Modded and Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: Butterfly <3
In dieser Kollektion findet ihr alle Mods die ich gerade verwende. Es handelt sich um diverse Grafik und Sound Mods, aber auch um Mods die die Spielmechanik verbessern und neue Objekte hinzufügen
IPlay´s Modded and Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: Butterfly <3
Diese Modkollektion beinhaltet eine Menge an Grafikmods, welche die Städte mit mehr Grün ausstatten sodass diese lebhafter erscheinen. Außerdem habe ich noch zwei Waffenmods hinzugefügt: Den Elucidator aus dem richtig coolen Anime Sword Art Online. Di...
How I Keep Breaking Skyrim!
Collection by: gibraltarsix
I love mods so much, I keep adding them until...well, you know. These are amongst my faves.
Skyrim Great Followers Collection
Collection by: Psykotik™
This is a collection I made based on all the follower mods I have found either useful or just flat-out interesting.
i am argonian
Collection by: owl_goddess
Collection by: Quiet Man 8
A collection of Lord of the Rings mods for Skyrim.
Super Graphics Improvement
Collection by: м∆яʗʋς K-Ʒ4
improved shadows, details, graphics, blood, etc.
Collection by: Valek597
All my RiverWood Mods
Riverwood To Whiterun
Collection by: iKan Konqr
These mods were tested as they were collected and ran error free in my game except while/when/if they were a work in progress. To the best of my knowledge they run error free and make the game more pleasing to play. The launch order may create slight erro...
Graphics and Immersion
Collection by: Sprinkle
A collection of my favorite graphics and immersion mods, assembled for my friend who asked which mods he should install. We both have pretty good computers and some of these could impact performance, but a lot of them don't. Please be sure to visit the...
skyrim mods dec'anator
Collection by: declankerbycollins
Best MODS for the gameplay an graphics
Collection by: miliniano
All helpfull and practice mod you need and can find on steam for more pleasure in skyrim. Des mods en francais utiles si vous lisez ceci^^ (there are some mods trad in french if you want theme in english read their decription/contient des mod traduites...
My Mods
Collection by: SH@DOW2KK
Just a variety of starter mods for Skyrim to look and play better in my opinion:}
My Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Viterom Stark
Pretty Vanilla Skyrim
Collection by: amayaspecht
Keepin it pretty vanilla just a few non glitchy non buggy non game breaking mods :) All just to make the game prettier!
Better Visuals and Feelings
Collection by: Failexe
A collection filled with mods to make a better visual and graphic feeling for users with low GPUs. It also contains some money balancing mods and items. No OP mods like 10000Gold or instant lv100 one-handed.
Yamtus Graph overacting
Collection by: yamtus
Extreme, graph and other Stuff shit... perfekt for all Graph Junkies with the Wish of a best Graph
Collection by: The Lifeless
Gameplay fixes and minor enhancments. These alter and add content to the game that really should have been in it to begin with. All lore-friendly and balanced.
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: Kithara
Important: don't forget SKSE ( to get SkyUI to work and BOSS ( to get your mods sorted! Other essential mods from Skyrim Nexus: --------------------------------------------------- - P...
Collection by: yelo kubo
Non-conflicting mods that keep the game looking sharp and adding new gameplay elements and quests. edit- some mods require all Skyrim DLC
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