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A Better Skyrim
Collection by: Caps
This collection is a list of some of my favortie mods.
Avandius's Quality of Life Collection
Collection by: Avandius
SirTobin's most liked Mods
Collection by: SirTobin
This is a collection of my favorite mods, and the ones that improves graphics and gameplay. I have used these mods for a awhile now and there has been no problems with using all of them. So pick and choose or get them all it's up to you. ( You should real...
Personal Skyrim
Collection by: kariu17
Just a personally colelction for my use and that of my friends. Major overhaul to the female textures, houses, towns, water, weapons, and armors.
Weapons for lvl.1 to 100
Collection by: Denneisk
EPIC WEPS 4 U!!!!?!??!/1/1
Useful Skyrim Addons
Collection by: Refactor
A small collection of useful mods/addons. My goal is to only provide small tweaks and helpful upgrades, while staying true to the original feel of the game. Additional mods may be added as I find new ones that I like and fit this general theme. -------...
Sneezi's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Sneezi
A List of Mods that I think add some amazing content to the game! All of the mods work together, and if you have any problems please defer all questions to their relevant pages. None of these mods are my own, therefore all credits go to their authors. ...
Samurns 'n Co.
Collection by: An incredibly bored doge
This isn't anything big, It's a collection of mods I think are fascinating. These help you smith, fight, get beautiful screenshots. . . That sort of thing.
awesome pack (contains cheat mods)
Collection by: Twilight Trollsen
this is my collection tell me what you think and what i should add
Rarity OP
Collection by: Expansion Pack Kid
My collection for a friend
Collection by: OiLBARON
A collection of dank mods...
Godly Items
Collection by: Restless Dead
These items make the game unbalanced, and it's likely that they will shorten the lifespan of the game for you.
My Mods I Made
Collection by: [BBP] Mr Headshot 999
This is a collection of mods I made like, CONJURE DRAGON and CONJURE GIANT. ENJOY!
Maddo's Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: Maddo03
A collection of mods that I think are a must have. I also recommend going to Skyrimnexus and downloading: EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field http://sky...
Wonderpack Coshi style
Collection by: Coshi
Everything works perfectly together and makes the game loook sweeet. Use BOSS if your having problems launching. This also works with the FULL HD pack, More monsters mod, and Map with roads mods.
Collection by: Arickeg
I suggest you only choose one of the hypothermia mods, but you should also look into the other camping mods. I also suggest the winter is coming - cloaks of skyrim mod from the skyrim nexus (
Quickdraw's current mods.
Collection by: QdwMcgraw
The mods that I am currently useing as of 3/25/12. Enjoy!
Varkan Mod
Collection by: Varkanos
Collection by: G motha fking G 2GARMY
a collection of arena-battles including hige lvl enemy.
Stovco Industries™ Skyrim Mod Pack
Collection by: Stovaotri
This is a collection of mods that I currently have playing together in Skyrim. The majority of them all have to do with upgrades to the visuals of Skyrim but there are a few mods that fix bugs and add a few conveniences to the game. Please let me know wha...
Hardcore Immersive/ survival
Collection by: ENginE 5
This collection is compiled of the best immersion/survival mods I have found so far this year. Most mods are strictly lore friendly and not too buisy so your immersive state isn't interupted. The survival mods I choose are simple,player friendly, and dont...
iCharlie Skyrim Overhaul Mod Selection
Collection by: G40.iCharlie17
This is my Mod Selection for Skyrim. I don't want to change the core gameplay too much so the collection will be graphic improvements mostly. I will include: - Textures (armor, weapons, rocks, water...) - Sounds - Improved vegetation, ice, snow etc ...
Modds for Todds
Collection by: Marty Chang
Tupac #1 Serbia
Os melhores mods
Collection by: Tiago Resende
Uma coleção dos melhores mods, todos eles testados e aprovados. O que seria testado e aprovado??? Simples... boa parte dos mods que coloquei no Skyrim estavam travando o jogo, crash mesmo, então resolvi criar minha própria coleção e ir testand...
Helpful Collection
Collection by: XPlazm3
Xilador's mod collection
Collection by: Xilador
Theese are mods that I believe to help gameplay and add onto said gameplay. I did not create any mods nor will I pretend to. Theese mods are more for the benifit of mages. All mods work together with no conflicts as I have used these mods on 2 seperate co...
Lord of madness
Collection by: Gordon Freeman
A Colection that make you like the Lord of madness him self
The Necromancer Collection
Collection by: (TRN) Shepherd
This is just a little collection that makes necromancy a bit more fun to play and more rewarding(i suck at puncuation)
My Mods
Collection by: SHADOW2KK
Just a variety of starter mods for Skyrim to look and play better in my opinion:}
Random And Epic Mods
Collection by: Dwarf2Fly
My Colection Of Mods Add A Range Of Types Of Mods For Any Skyrim PLayer
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