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Os melhores mods
Collection by: Tiago Resende
Uma coleção dos melhores mods, todos eles testados e aprovados. O que seria testado e aprovado??? Simples... boa parte dos mods que coloquei no Skyrim estavam travando o jogo, crash mesmo, então resolvi criar minha própria coleção e ir testand...
Lord of madness
Collection by: Gladosfan
A Colection that make you like the Lord of madness him self
Xilador's mod collection
Collection by: Santa Claus
Theese are mods that I believe to help gameplay and add onto said gameplay. I did not create any mods nor will I pretend to. Theese mods are more for the benifit of mages. All mods work together with no conflicts as I have used these mods on 2 seperate co...
The Necromancer Collection
Collection by: DG-TheRobedNerd
This is just a little collection that makes necromancy a bit more fun to play and more rewarding(i suck at puncuation)
Random And Epic Mods
Collection by: Dwarf2Fly
My Colection Of Mods Add A Range Of Types Of Mods For Any Skyrim PLayer
Rogue3570's Collection
Collection by: Keyboard Warrior
All these mods both work together and change the game for the good.
Skyrim Mod Pack v1.0
Collection by: the well-equipped autism
My favourite collection of mods.. All you need to play Skyrim to its fullest.
The best of Skyrim (with more)
Collection by: professor penguin feather
This collection is a mixture of my favourite mods, some may be classed as cheating but if you play the game through properly first and want to mess around on the second then thats fine by me. I take no credits for these mods, they have been created by r...
Dawnguard Collection (NO Vampires Allowed)
Collection by: Believe
This Is A diffrent Version of my Dawngaurd Collection with No Vampire Mods (But I still Included a few but only ones you can use as a Dawnguard) No Vampires Allowed
Leos Master Mix
Collection by: {DE} Ch0ckn0rris
Alle Mods erweitern Skyrim ohne es zu einfach zu machen oder Inhalt zu ersetzten. Bei mir laufen sie alle problemlos zusammen. Bei Vorschlägen/Bugs bitte melden.
Meine Kollektion
Collection by: piepe
Eine Sammlung der besten und auch sinnvollsten Mods. WATER, Climates of Tamriel, alle möglichen Texturpacks und natürlich ENB sollte man bei Nexus laden.
better towns
Collection by: Tyrone Smith
town expansion more towns and houses
Bow's Useful Mods.
Collection by: XxbowjrxX
Useful mods that all work together. Mostly UI, utility and gameplay mods. Will be adding more in the future!
The Morrowind Nostalgia Collection
Collection by: SneakyPete
A collection of mods meant to bring back some of the better features of Morrowind to this new era of gaming. It should go without saying that I made none of these. All thanks go to the people who did.
Sheogorath's Skyrim
Collection by: BasedNigel
Welcome to the Shivering Isles!! Or wait. No. Not the Shivering Isles. But as close as I can get so far. Can't afford a trip to Bravil, what with the cost of masonry being what it is. Anyway, this collection of wonder and delight should lift up your spir...
Shin's set of Mysterious Mods
Collection by: Shin
A few mods to make the game look and play a bit better (IMO...)
EvilMordac's Enhancement Collection
Collection by: Mordac
Enhances the game with better visuals and gameplay.
Sebs Gameplay Enhancement Mods
Collection by: Seb
These are the personal mods i use to enhance my gameplay in Skyrim, it includes: Graphic Mods, Spell Mods, Difficulty Mods, Perk Mods etc I did not make any of these mods im just producing the producers amazing work they have produced! Hope you enjoy t...
My Skyrim Mods Collection
Collection by: Protest
Just random Mods that I use and don't cause amy conflict between them, safe to un-subscribe, no bugs met yet.
Nyxero´s Grafik and Funktion - Kollektion
Collection by: [TGH] Chikaku-noai | GER |aC°
Nyxero´s Grafik and Funktion - Kollektion
Randy (Elder-Geek's) Mods as of July 16, 2012
Collection by: Randy_Elder-Geek
This is the list of mods that Randy is using from the Steam Workshop. Others are from the Skyrim Nexus.
Conjuration Improves
Collection by: Terroristy
This collection contain things that I think may be good and handy for all players who use Conjuration. Contain IMHO very much better reward for reaching lvl 100 than that what Bethesda prepared for reaching max lvl. this collection add new creatures you c...
Barbarian Adventures Pack
Collection by: Hot Stuff
This is a master list of all the mods that are on the workshop that I use, or at least try to anyways.
ka-booms follower collection
Collection by: IronSheep
My collection here is a group of mods showing people theres more then just boring old lydia. These mods add extra followers to ur game play tht u might find more...exciting than housecarls have fun with this collection of followers
Skyrim Enhanced Plus
Collection by: Stevie
***Must have Hearthfire & Dawnguard due to the Mod versions selected*** Graphical Improvements with only slight game changes. For gamers that want higher quality visuals and do not want to change the game all that much. Also, gamers that are tired of look...
Jesse's Skyrim
Collection by: Ovechkin
All work together looks good and is awesome gameplay.
Becoming A God
Collection by: Drewicus The Cheese Wizard!
This is an ongoing project to make a mod that will make a character of your choice become a god
Raptors Immersive+
Collection by: Aesthetics 420 / 現代のコン
Immersive from graphics to gameplay, realistic and more of a challenge.
Geekchris105's Home Improvement Pack
Collection by: geekchris
--------------Geekchris105's House Improvement Kit---------------------- Ever want to have an awesome custom house? Or an area that connects the houses in the holds and has an area to display items? Or maybe an instant fortress that is portable? This is...
Cameron's Collection
Collection by: |66th| Rec.Cameron
This mod is going to be about a bunch of mods gatherd together. And most of them will be weapons, Im new at modding and would love to get Subscriptions, Followers, Comments, And ratings. Also, if you want to play minecraft with me just add me or someth...
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