The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Joe's Essentials
Collection by: ebejoe
Series of mods that work together to fix and or add features that I thought were necessary. No cheating or unbalancing mods added. Highly reccomend that you use SkyUI as it is much better than stock menus but it does require more setup. If you install all...
Shh... Dovashy's Collection
Collection by: Monk Preston
Base Collection
Collection by: bretab2007
My base collection
Mods I use
Collection by: LewboyGaming
These are the mods I use Commonly to inmprove graphics, gameplay and some other stuff
My mods
Collection by: Silivento
mods for my game
The Insanity Collection
Collection by: theWarmaster [FoS)
I lvoe Insanity's weapon mods so much infact I'd like to share them all in one place for everyone. All mods listed here belong to Insanity.
Collection by: PerfectDNA
Meine ersten versuche.
Collection by: Vindictive Nexus
BadAss's BADASS adventuring MOD pack.
Collection by: sativa <3
A "BADASS" collection of skyrim mods that I think really improve the game and give it more depth, as well as spice. ;)
Collection by: Apple Taco
Basic mods
Player Houses
Collection by: Holzkäselöffel
Graphic Essentials
Collection by: «Rexaless»
hollywood MZrockDr burnin' mod collection
Collection by: kaleoh
These should all work together. Check em out individually before subscribing to all of them. If your game crashes, it is most likely due to conflicts between graphics mods. You can troubleshoot by turning off certain mods that you think may be screwing...
Skyrim Universal Pack
Collection by: MrMrocznyMisio
This is mod pack for TES V:Skyrim which contains mods created by various modders. It improves graphics, adds new music, NPC's, races, something else and a few tons of items. Happy hunting. Warring! Mods aren't 100% compatible. However, You can play wi...
Gogol pack 1
Collection by: Gogol_II
Best mods of skyrim in this pack
Bakuvii's Master Collection 2: Equipment Overhaul
Collection by: Bakuvii Manaquii
This second installment of my expansive collection is entirely based upon expanding the ingame armory and related mechanics. Follow the same directions as the previous collection, adding the included mods of this collection after the first. Thanks ...
Sebs Gameplay Enhancement Mods
Collection by: Seb
These are the personal mods i use to enhance my gameplay in Skyrim, it includes: Graphic Mods, Spell Mods, Difficulty Mods, Perk Mods etc I did not make any of these mods im just producing the producers amazing work they have produced! Hope you enjoy t...
My Skyrim Mods Collection
Collection by: Protest
Just random Mods that I use and don't cause amy conflict between them, safe to un-subscribe, no bugs met yet.
Nyxero´s Grafik and Funktion - Kollektion
Collection by: [TGH] ŃyẊḕŘō | GER |aC°
Nyxero´s Grafik and Funktion - Kollektion
Randy (Elder-Geek's) Mods as of July 16, 2012
Collection by: Randy_Elder-Geek
This is the list of mods that Randy is using from the Steam Workshop. Others are from the Skyrim Nexus.
Quality Mods
Collection by: kandlejack
Nonconflicting quality mods.
Skyrim Realism+bonus PL/EN
Collection by: Silent_Rapper
full realism in skyrim
Quality of life mods
Collection by: Splyce
A collection of mods that will improve your gameplay experience. Some are graphical, some are UI/map based, some are just plain brilliant. None break the core gameplay experience and I consider many of them to be essential (Skyui in particular). I run...
Skyrim Plus
Collection by: TaylorSixteen
A collection of mods that not only enhance your experience of Skyrim but also adds to the graphics. A collection any mid-ranged computer can handle Thanks!
Cameron's Collection
Collection by: |66th| Rec.Cameron
This mod is going to be about a bunch of mods gatherd together. And most of them will be weapons, Im new at modding and would love to get Subscriptions, Followers, Comments, And ratings. Also, if you want to play minecraft with me just add me or someth...
Upgrading Whiterun
Collection by: JaJaSphinx
I love whiterun, It's my favourite city. These mods slightly improve the building/upgrade existing buildings. It was quite hard to find mods that did not intefere with each other and im pretty sure there are no conflicts. All of the mods are balanced with...
Laura Preset
Collection by: Zansatsu-Sha
Laura Preset
Collection by: Thomas Helmig
teletubbies, lala, poo, dibsie!
Dragonborn Mods by Raj
Collection by: VooduRaj
A Collection of mods for the Dragonborn DLC by VooduRaj.
Skyrim 'Steam' Essentials
Collection by: DefconScotto
None of these are my Mods and I can not take any credit here. For all those that i use i would like to say a massive thank you for making this game epic. There is a lot of collections listed 'top rated' that use mods from Steam but then also Nexus. T...
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