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Necromancer Satchel
Collection by: MarurabaATX
17 tendons and assorted ligaments 173 fragments of bone for assemblage approx. 4 bucket-fulls of blood (Nord preferred) 6 spoons of marrow (no more than 2 from a thigh) 12 yards of flesh (before cutting) star-scrying to the edge of the ice-mind loo...
Collection by: MOI
Skyrim for Low hardware
Collection by: Freylis
My skyrim mods
Collection by: Lottie
Collection by: Tim4701[DE]
Add armors. Thanks for visit.
Fur Mi Amigos
Collection by: Anfernius
Stuff for my friends. Enjoy!
die geht 100%
Collection by: ggerz[ERZLORD]sse[PV2] SGTVoland
geile collection die sogar funktioniert :D
Für Phillip
Collection by: much keksig WOW
More Beast Races
Collection by: k9mouse
Since there is not enough beast race persons in the cities of Skyrim, I been adding followers and the like so that it will appear that the cities at least have some
Lord Of The Rings Mods
Collection by: RaptorJesús
Only the best Lord of the rings mods.
hunter pack
Collection by: BreadSlice
This is some mods i use wien i play a hunter style charackter here are some hunter mods on the nexus these are must have for the pack to be good! ACE - Combat Skills by Athyra Newermind Bow Collection by n...
Life as a Mercenary
Collection by: pirpL
This is a small collection I made so that I can play as a "mercenary," I only really found out about this because I used "coc riverwood" before I even loaded up a game. I included a camp site at Riverwood, and there's also a mod that allows you to set up ...
skyrim Hardcore
Collection by: Shadow Master
Skyrim good mods for Dawnguard!
Collection by: ViniciusRN
Portugues: Estes mods funcionam 100% com a dawnguard alem de serem extremamente uteis! English: These mods work 100% with dawnguard addition to being extremely useful!
Zack's Best Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Zacarías
These are the mods that I've made and I think they are my best work. I like working on quest and dungeon mods for Skyrim. Quest mods that start with dialogue may need you to save your game at the starting npc and load that save. I'm currently worki...
Violent's Collection
Collection by: [N7]Violent
A list of what I have installed at the moment. 99% sure that nothing conflicts here. It's a fair mix of various tweaks that shouldn't hit your system too hard, with some weapons, armor, and buildings. Take note that this collection was created for those w...
Convenience Essentials
Collection by: ulf.dellbruegge
I have recently tried to solve a bug by reinstalling skyrim from scratch. Did not work. Since i have to resubscribe all my favorite mods, i thought this could be handy for others. In this collection there are many mods on a borderline between cheat an...
lyk a bows
Collection by: Whippy
The All-time best mod collection collection!
Collection by: Cman the Pirate
Hey, You! Are you lazy? Are you tired? Are you in love with Skyrim, but can't quite get all the same fun factor after playing through the 1,523,049,873,257,986,248,379,056th time? And are you too lazy to subscribe to aaaalllll of the best mod collections?...
Better Skyrim Environment
Collection by: Dan
Better Skyrim Environment This is a part of my "Better Skyrim Complete" Mod-Collection: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: ...
Crazy046's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Crazy046
My current set up for Skyrim, that will enchance all aspect form visuals to gameplay... All mods in this collection should work together. however the sounds of skyrim is not listed here but should be included if possible. This collection also requires...
My Essentials
Collection by: Tatty
My Workshop Essentials for Skyrim... I also recommend SKSE, BOSS, Nexus Mod Manager, Catagorized Favourites Menu, Better Sorting, Move It, Jaysus Swords, Skyrim Coin Replacer, Ultimate Follower Overhaul (in place of the two Workshop follower mods I sel...
Sounds, Music and others of Skyrim
Collection by: Hawkeye
Sounds alterations and other fun audio for Skyrim. I welcome suggestions!
Collection by: OxyD_618
Pour toi ma Kloklo :D
Skyrim More Betterish
Collection by: Arkadi
I would Also highly recommend adding the following mods from Nexus HD 2k Texture Full UNP Demonized Female bodies Enchanced Night Skys Climates of Tamriel
Collection by: Commander Shepherd
Cereal Killer's Skymod Collection.
Collection by: [AUS] Cereal Killer
This is a collection of Graphic enhancement mods as well as gameplay, item and power tweaking mods that make the game more enjoyable to play. I do not own any of these mods the creators get all the credit for the great work. As far as i know all the...
SOLO's Collection Of Goodies =)
Collection by: [[:Aonair:]]
Basically A Bunch Of Mods I Cant Live Without: Weather, Audio, Creatures, Dragon, Items, Books, and Tweaks and Utilities.
Skyrim mods
Collection by: jholben
Best Skyrim mods I use
VooDoo's Mod Collection #1
Collection by: Das Kaiserhörnchen
All mods in this collection are sompatible and used by me, if you got problems just remove some, because there are quite a lot. edit: found some major bugs, trying to find the reason.
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