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Giapreys' hardcore mode
Collection by: Giapreys
Collection of mods wich make the game alot harder and more fun.
Collection Of Redslaya
Collection by: Redslaya
An Enhanced Collection Of Daedric Armour And Weapons
Robot Geek: The Content Mods
Collection by: Rayne Shepard
At the time of writing, no details have been released on any future downloadable content for Skyrim. As such, the already obscenely huge game doesn’t look like it’ll be receiving any large content updates any time soon. Modding, as it does with every ...
The Ultimate Skyrim Experience.
Collection by: BryceTheBarbarian
This is my collection of the best mods for Skyrim that enchance the general gaming expernience. This includes mods that improve graphics, gameplay, as well as introducing many new creatures,companions, weapons and armor. Other mods that I feel are mus...
Collection by: Pumbaa the king
Some Argonian town and other shit kind of mod
Immersion Improvement Collection
Collection by: Antiklimax
The main target of this collection is to improve the Immersion and Atmosphere of Skyrim. Graphics, Sound & Gameplay are all changed a bit, but i tried to stay true to the original. So there are no big graphic mods in here, instead i chose to do some fi...
Collection by: The D mann
Dise Kolektion verbesert das Game gefüll viell Spars
The Ancient Artifacts of Tamriel
Collection by: crackknuckle
There are many Ancient Armors and Weapons across Tamriel enchanted with extreme amount of power. Many of them have been lost for centuries but now it's up to the Dovahkiin to find them.
Guldaroth's Choice
Collection by: Guldaroth Azer Khan
This is the mods I'm playing with. I truly think this is quite an improvement to the vanilla Skyrim experience ! Please don't forget the Skyrim Script Extender: I also highly recommend some mods from the Nexus like Warzon...
skyrim overload
Collection by: The botkiller Panda
a overhaul of skyrim
Matt's Favorite Mods
Collection by: Spekkio
These are my favorite "must have" mods for Skyrim.
Evil's Working Collection
Collection by: 3vil
Thus far working from new character start...
Bakuvii's Master Collection Options
Collection by: Bakuvii Manaquii
This is the final installment of my collection, it is a few of the customizing modifications to skyrim that have more severe changes to mechanics or entirely new content.
The Ultimate Cheatbook
Collection by: i is rael
This is a collection for people who like to cheat. To have the upper hand. If this is you then i highly reccomend these mods. Don't be offended when people call you a cheat in gaming. Some people like cheating. Too feel all-powerful in video games.
Collection by: acarroll15
a collection of mods that improves the skyrim crafting.
Laeryc's Personal Collection
Collection by: Binary Delusion
This is a collection of of mods MOSTLY for those that Love crafting and tinkering, The Kataxia's Mods are a personal Favorite as i can veg out and earn money and it doesnt feel like a cheat. its nice amount of money but you also have to keep things stocke...
Realistic Skyrim, Light
Collection by: FroZenOwl
Esentials for a more realistic oriented gamplay experience!
Eyecatcher - Very low performance loss if any.
Collection by: 8elph3g0re
Minimalistic modding - maximum effect! Very low performance loss if any. Run perfect without HQ Pack on 32-Bit Win7. Small changes at Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini (Enhanced Blood). Tested on 32-Bit Win7 , Nvidia GTX 560 Ti . 1920x1200 (16:10).
Robot Geek: The Ambience Mods
Collection by: Rayne Shepard
Games are best when you’re fully immersed in the world they create. This goes doubly-so for an open-world RPG like Skyrim. The game is already deeply atmospheric; it’s incredibly easy to get lost in Tamriel and spend hours simply trekking across the i...
Jik's Favourites
Collection by: Jik
All of the best graphical and realism mods offered to date.
mine not yours
Collection by: Elessar
mine not yours
Clambakins Perfect Skyrim
Collection by: ᅚᅚ
All the mods I use to make my game its best.
Spellthief's Compendium
Collection by: 4105cello
A collection of mods designed to enhance the game for players who play as a sneaky, magic-focused character. These range from simple improvements for certain aspects of gameplay to entirely new aspects of the game.
Weapons for lvl.1 to 100
Collection by: Denneisk
EPIC WEPS 4 U!!!!?!??!/1/1
Useful Skyrim Addons
Collection by: Refactor
A small collection of useful mods/addons. My goal is to only provide small tweaks and helpful upgrades, while staying true to the original feel of the game. Additional mods may be added as I find new ones that I like and fit this general theme. -------...
Sneezi's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Sneezi
A List of Mods that I think add some amazing content to the game! All of the mods work together, and if you have any problems please defer all questions to their relevant pages. None of these mods are my own, therefore all credits go to their authors. ...
Samurns 'n Co.
Collection by: An incredibly bored doge
This isn't anything big, It's a collection of mods I think are fascinating. These help you smith, fight, get beautiful screenshots. . . That sort of thing.
awesome pack (contains cheat mods)
Collection by: DJ-PON3 Vinyl Scratch
this is my collection tell me what you think and what i should add
Rarity OP
Collection by: Expansion Pack Kid
My collection for a friend
Collection by: OiLBARON
A collection of dank mods...
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