The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Survival Series & World Interaction(No Visuals, Gameplay Enhanced Only)
Collection by: Lii Khyu
Survival Series & World Interaction(No Visuals, Gameplay Enhanced Only)
Tristus Skyrim
Collection by: Tristus
A install Collection for my Friends ... Thanky to all the authors of the Mods! They're great!!
Niners Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Niner
Collection of Skyrim Mods
Graphic and Gamplay Improvments
Collection by: emelin9
This a collection of mods that I use to enhance my gameplay and graphics. It has somewell known mods such as Frostfall and CoT, and some that are not as well known.
Schöner,Besser,Geilere welt
Collection by: zubaru-dzw
Regius Ultimate Mod Package
Collection by: Regius
Made this collection for friends and family but other people are more then welcome to use it. You will have to have all DLC for skyrim or this collection wont work ! This will make skyrim look and sound nice but also keep it simple and nothing really O...
Waffen & rüstungen
Collection by: zubaru-dzw
All you need!
Collection by: zubaru-dzw
My Mods I Use
Collection by: wlwatk
These are all the mods I use together and they work perfectly
Mario's Skyrim Build
Collection by: MarioMaster789
Hey! These are all of the mods that I use to make my Skyrim more... Exciting... All of the mods SHOULD work togther as I've spent a pretty long time testing them, though there are a few mods that I still have downloaded that appear to no longer be on t...
The Firewood Mods Collection
Collection by: Teh_Reel_Batmun
Includes two mods that either set the weight of firewood to nothing or 2.5.
Collection by: Mr.KittyKat (Tf2Ham)
New Argonian-Based Races
Collection by: Bubbly Frog
This collection holds my Argonian-based mods. Please read the description of each one before using. Enjoy!
Nastyman in SKYRIM [mod collection]
Collection by: Nastyman_Nilsen
These are all the mods I use in my Let's Play series on YouTube. For the SkyUI, you'll need this:
6!r1's Mod Collection
Collection by: Seishiro
Mods I use and love that don't decrease preformance greatly, and fits the games lore. Updated for DLCs, make sure to uncheck if you don't have the DLC required. I also excluded SkyUI, due to needing SKSE, but totally recommend both of those. SKSE will...
My characters as followers!
Collection by: TieroBattleheart
All the followers in this collection are characters that I have made, and played in skyrim. (I make a lot of characters!) Many of my characters also have some sort of relation to another one of my characters. I highly recommend using a multiple followe...
Hardcore Dragon Battle Music Collection
Collection by: MontyX
This is a collection of the mods I made, that changes the dragon Battle Music. New mods will be added to this collection.
Collection by: Cry Baby
Stuff I use, and or abuse for skyrim.
Sitzt, passt, wackelt und hat Luft
Collection by: MidNight
Ist nur eine zusammenstellung der mods die ich nutze einfach weil ich mir dachte mir gefallen sie alle und vielleicht denken andere ebenso und müssen weniger suchen ;) .... auch wenn ich der meinung bin das eh kaum jemand auf solche kollektionen achtet X...
Collection by: Litero
Collection by: Litero
My Mods
Collection by: Majusbear
My Mods.
mes mods installés
Collection by: Izeniel
Collection by: Sir Dolphious
A Different Experience
Collection by: wickworks
This collection aims to revamp the Skyrim experience via small-but-sweeping changes. This collection is not for people who want high-level uber spells and epicnessz. I like to have to think while playing. The most important change you will notic...
Lord Of The Rings Mods
Collection by: Guy Inkognito
Only the best Lord of the rings mods.
Basic Skyrim
Collection by: Satyros
Collection by: FrydHamstr
For friends.
Liamjon13's Collection of Good Mods
Collection by: ℗ Liamjon13
A collection of mods that either, balance, fix content, add content that was cut from the game or minor improvments
Just my mods
Collection by: :surprise:
It's just mods what I'm install
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