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Just for saving matters
Collection by gaXs
Must Have Mods
Collection by McKase
Mods that are lore friendly and make skyrim an even better game.
Collection by FlintFirestorm
Collection by elderpyre
*derp* *derp* *derp*
My fav
Collection by Keane
Unofficial Skyrim Patch Collection
Collection by K_CYW
The collection of unofficial patches (by Arthmoor) for Skyrim and it's DLC.
Repaired Skyrim V1.0
Collection by Sapphire Smith
This is a collection of mods that fixes small details of skyrim.
Meine Skyrim-Mods
Collection by AssistJoe
Meine aktuell benutzten Mods.
Nynros Skyrim Mods
Collection by Nynros Vorlon
My very personal collection of skyrim mods
Collection by Joker
Collection by Scruler
Der Herr der Ringe
Collection by SteelWorker1984
Alles aus der Herr der Ringe
Better mod
Collection by Maurix Garnouch
skyrim workshop col 1
Collection by KottonMouthKing
collection from some1 else
my chosen mods for my game
Collection by BOMb252
Collection by DerGamler
Khajiit All
Collection by BigfootJS500
Skyrim mods
Collection by Black Jesus
Сборка RedLine
Collection by BlaZe' Z/\LM/\N
Mods: Aesthetics
Collection by [WPC] IamNOTaNUGGET
These mods do not physically change the game nor the way it is played and are simply to refine and enhance the original experience of Skyrim in ways such as improving atmosphere via sounds, visuals, and bug fixes. Expect none of these mods to give you a f...
My Prefered Mod List
Collection by Unhappy Cupcake
This is just the mod pack that i use personally. This collection is for the easy organization and recovery of these mods. However, anyone else is free to play with my mod set. Note: I did not create any of these mods, and do not claim to own any of them....
Collection by ian.wilson921
Subscribed Mods
Collection by Xathier
To quicken the whole "Need all my mods transferred on another computer" deal.
Collection by Commander
Dem di di dom
Good Mods
Collection by Doomerz
Mods I like. Simple.
Just for me
Collection by devonvp
Just for me
Wicked Skyrim
Collection by nick_grimm
Makes Skyrim better (somehow)
improved or easier gameplay
Collection by Headshot XIII
this will improve spell-casting shouts and other combat related stuf. I said just going through and picking and choosing what you want instead of subscribing to the whole list
Skyrim be broken -__-
Collection by GabenSwag
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