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Chaz's Followers
Collection by: Chaz
Here is a Group of Mod followers to tag along or assist you on your many adventures. (All these are made using the Official Creation Kit, not the Nexus program. In case you were wondering. I do not have a Nexus account. Sorry. At least for now.) Alod...
Bakuvii's Master Collection 1: Environmental Overhaul [Part 2 (76-109)]
Collection by: Bakuvii Manaquii
Part 2.
Magic Overhaul
Collection by: D ShishaMaster
Graphical Magic
Collection by: Tearlach871
Just a nice collection of graphical updates and magic overhauls, put it together so I could try some other mods out without losing something that definitely worked. Note that for some of it to work you need to use Script Extender, but that isn't all that ...
Collection by: fluffy
I've always hated, oh sorry mom, severly disliked that bethesda assumes u had no life before helgen, or decent clothes. Everyone but the non-stormcloaks have armor and fur boots but all u have is a badly stained, ripped rag draped across ur body. And wo...
The Drethful Gameplay - TESV: Skyrim
Collection by: Anders Dreth
Skyrim is an RPG, and I love realistic mods for a nice RPG game. This collection includes all of the mods that fill that need for more interaction, but with the official Skyrim lore within the mods. The following things that I've tried to include in this ...
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Skills
Citrus' Assorted Game Mechanic Tweaks and Misc Mods
Collection by: Citrus
This is an assortment of mods I use that affect various aspects of the game, things like UI, NPC behavior, item carry weights, crafting ability, adding or removing animations, and so on. The main thing that ties them together is they improve my Skyrim exp...
The Legend of Zelda Collection
Collection by: Rinku
Here you have all the greatest mods based on the the legend of Zelda game franchise. Enjoy and remember, all credit goes to their respective authors.
Penultimate Skyrim
Collection by: Morality Gradient
This collection is aimed at improving your Skyrim experience without departing from the general feel of the vanilla game. Included are a host of graphics mods, a few audio mods, gameplay fixes and tweaks, and some minor content addition. Some criteria ...
superdry`s pack of awesome
Collection by: simon.sedgwick
a pack which includes armor,weapons,houses and mostly graphic enhancements
Collection Deluxe #1
Collection by: TheYungWolle
Rockbad's Gore Collection
Collection by: bryanashley1989
Collection of simple gore mods aiming to bring more realistic blood effects and ragdoll forces to combat; separate from my other collections for sake of optionality.
Skyrim Reborn
Collection by: Do not Disturb
THIS COLLECTION REQUIRES ALL SKYRIM OFFICIAL DLC, DON'T BE A B^TCH, SUPPORT THIS AWESOME GAME! (This is a living collection, check back often. Especially my co-workers - Don't slack!!!) This collection requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) versio...
My Better Skyrim
Collection by: Niko40k
90% Double Gpu
Collection by: Beka
Use the ENB
Unique Item Upgrades - Dragon Priest Masks
Collection by: ♚Barble BOOpkins
A collection of mods made by me that buffs the enchantments on the nine vanilla Dragon Priest Masks, as well as changes them for different Heavy/Light/Mage armor playstyles.
Collection by: Tela Shekelson
Collection by: The Ultimate XD
I use all of these mods together, so they shouldn't conflict at all. I also have Tropical Skyrim and a Third person .ini tweak that I use. It takes away the combat center-screen thing so that the camera doesn't move when going in and out of combat. I will...
Captain's Collection
Collection by: Reichsarchitekt Speer
This is the collection of mods which I am currently using in Skyrim. It adds various new content such as cool new armours and clothing pieces, random quests and new environments and unique weapons. The Throwing Weapons mod is one of my favourites, sin...
Collection by: MitchOization
Nation's Treasures
Collection by: DrNation
all of my treasure mods in one place
Skyrim: Small RPG Beginner Homes
Collection by: Nekoon
A collection of small (realistic) beginner home beside the big and unrealistic all-in-one-castles of many other player homes. These are little shacks where you can hang your hat and get some sleep. You don't need a mansion - just some shelter from the ...
Unlimited Omnipotence
Collection by: Zac
Zac's collection of unlimited effect/ultra-high-end mods.
Collection by: thedog98
lets play
Graphicmodifyer without significant Gamechanges
Collection by: Irish Drunk
Just a few Mods I found useful for myself, without any significant game changes
Collection by: CS-GO
This modpack is just fun and since I use it absolutely NO BUGS have been found so far,hope you like it!
Outras coisas mais
Collection by: Porpetoso
Tirando o pão de batata, essa coleção possui tudo o que eu encontrei para deixar o mundo de Skyrim o mais envolvente e bonito possível. Inclui mods que não afetam a mecânica/jogabilidade, mas adicionam e melhoram os sons, gráficos e efeitos, além ...
My Skyrim ;]
Collection by: KageOukami
Sped is a ho
Collection by: Hudson592
There was once a young boy called sped.. he died.
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