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Wild Werewolves and Silver Weapons
Collection by: Default
Adds wild werewolves to the world. Some are very strong some are average and a few weak. This collection also makes silver ingots easier to obtain, by letting you smelt silver cups, bowls, candle sticks, and more. This collection also adds silversmithing ...
Almost Reality HD Pack
Collection by: pokefan199
This collection contains a variety of mods that make skyrim look more Realistic and High Definition. Feel free to suggest more mods.
Shpongle's Mods
Collection by: Shpongle
Enhance gameplay, graphics, and sound. Lore friendly.
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: TheBatSwagg
Mods that I don't play without. Not massive overhauls or content additions, just little tweaks that should have been there from the beginning. For the most part immersive as well, I believe.
My used Skyrim mods
Collection by: plimplom
Here are my Skyrim MOds I installes via the Steam Workshop. But most of my mods were installed via "Nexus Mod Manager". I wrote all Mods down under this short announcement and you can find and download them here: I won't...
Musashi Korian Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: MusashiKorian
Just a collection of great mods that I use from the steam workshop to enhance my gameplay. :)
Improved Skyrim
Collection by: [Tribe] Lorebot
The collection of mods I use to play Skyrim. Helps a lot with immersion, a couple of them require FOSE so you'll need to install that before you get full functionality with this collection
Skyrim with added awesome!
Collection by: Hobbesgoblin
This is the collection of mods I'm playing with on Skyrim. At the end is a list of stuff from Skyrim Nexus, too. Just to be clear - I claim no credit for teh mods here, all are made by other people, who's work enhanced my Skyrim playing experience man...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Collection by: toothpick1993
An ever expanding collection of zombie based mods for the ultimate zombie survival!
Ashten's Skyrim Visual modpack
Collection by: Ashten
No gameplay changes, just upgraded visuals
Skyrim: Localizaciones [KinesferaGames]
Collection by: KinesferaGames
Una selección creciente de localizaciones extra (casas, ciudades...) para nuestro mundo de Skyrim. Próximamente más.
Improved Skyrim
Collection by: w1nn3r696
Solitude Expansion Gold Edition (All DLC)
Collection by: Wizard Whizzard
This collection makes easy acces to all the separate mods that make up my Solitude Expansion mod - a mod that significantly increases the size of solitude (about 2 times) making it feel like a real capital of skyrim, adding sewer system along with other t...
Elders Perk mods
Collection by: inc99.9999
this is all my perk editing mods. if you have any perk trees you wish me to edit please comment, and if you have issues with any of the mods please notify me.
Brobama's Old Mod List from a Corrupted Skyrim Save
Collection by: King Conga
Brobama's Old Mod List from a Corrupted Skyrim Save - what it says on the tin. Over 80 items (and I had many more from Nexus, Wyre Bashed patches, dozens of renamed and re-formatted songs to work with Skyrim, and who knows what else). This is the third ti...
House & Home
Collection by: Zac
Zac's personal collection of places to store his or her crap in.
My Mods
Collection by: weadyen
This is a list of my mods that i made, they are able to be used together
HD текстуры, модели, звуки, квесты
Collection by: NeNeRoG
Сдесь вы найдёте всё самое лучшие. Дополнения которые не испортят игру.
Better Vanilla Stuff
Collection by: H2n4 Flu
Jeez, Bethesda. Some of the items you put in the game really suck. I am not joking. You make sucky stuff and make us have to swoop in and fix it for you. Not a problem, though. We kind of enjoy fixing your mistakes. Fills us with a sensation of power.
Hardcore Survival
Collection by: Pezza
You will die. Rules: - Download and activate these two mods: AND - Activate all mods in the collection - Start a New game - Difficulty Adept, or higher - Disable Autosavi...
LeaderofDoom's Ultimate Graphical Collection!
Collection by: LeaderofDoom
A massive list of graphical modifications designed to make Skyrim looks its best. None of the works listed are my own. Massive credit to the many different people who have created such beautiful Skyrim mods. Be sure to check out ILOVEPIE's list of game...
Cerelia's Current Mods Feb 1 2014
Collection by: Cerelia
Here are my current mods that I'm using. I'm just making this collection to share with friends. I will update and change the collection name as I make mod adjustments.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: elliswigga
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: robbturner
Danno's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: dannodude101 (K.O.T.B.O.)
This a collection of mods to make your gameplay a littel better without changing the game to much. Hope you like it and if you now any other mods that dou t change the game to much let me now.
Collection by: Waffledude88
Skyrim Mods Setup
Collection by: Djtmk
I have gathered and tested some mods and I decided to share them with the community. In this collection these are my favorit mods that in my opion make skyrim better for me to play in. DLCs are requiered for some of the mods. DLC along with the mods are l...
CurlyKaiserBunny's Pack of Wonderful Mods
Collection by: ◄CurlyKaiserBunny►
Just some of my favorite mods gonna put all together :D Which make the game soo much more enjoyable without barely making a cheat out of it :3 All these mods should work with each other soo yeah <-> Copyright goes to everyone who made or owns their...
World Add-ons Collection
Collection by: The Lord Marshal aka Ragnrok
Collection of mods which add large amounts of content that change the ingame world. such as mods which add islands or large quests.
My Skyrim ;]
Collection by: KageOukami
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