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Lily's Picks for a Shiny Skyrim
Collection by ironlily.26fe
My top mods for making skyrim extra shiny Updated May 22nd 2013 - added saturation boost and some further lush mods. Updated April 24 2014 - added a few more lighting and grass tweaks, some argonian raptor feet and a must have, the wearable lantern, hel...
Better Skyrim
Collection by Terrorzwerg
with sharpshooter ENB mod
Khajit Kollection
Collection by Squllque
A kollection for playing Kat stealthers
Most Usable
Collection by Gizelle
All the mods that work and I like
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by Refactor
A collection of nice graphical, environment, and terrain upgrades that won't kill performance. The point is to make everything better, without changing the look and feel of Skyrim. Be sure to use BOSS to sort the mods to avoid any conflicts!
Challenges VS Tools 2
Collection by ЧАЦБАРТОН (Hacbarton)
This expansion to Challenges VS Tools contains all the prevous mods, but even more new mods as well! infact, all the 300 mods i have in my subscribed box and favorited box are in it!
My mods
Collection by Sods Lore
All the mods I use
Skyrim Mods of All Shapes and Sizes!
Collection by Jenna Jazzhands
xXGunneronXx's Whiterun Cheat Collection
Collection by SierraIsMovingAndWontHaveWIFI
(NOTE: I chose this diamond because I couldn't find any other pictures in my folder.) If you wanted to be heavily armored to protect yourself against dragons, then this collection is for you. The mods add Daedric Armor to Dragonsreach and Daedric weapons ...
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