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Collection by: FluffyParadox
I've always hated, oh sorry mom, severly disliked that bethesda assumes u had no life before helgen, or decent clothes. Everyone but the non-stormcloaks have armor and fur boots but all u have is a badly stained, ripped rag draped across ur body. And wo...
Bakuvii's Master Collection 1: Environmental Overhaul [Part 2 (76-109)]
Collection by: Bakuvii Manaquii
Part 2.
Magic Overhaul
Collection by: Darkmike7
Penultimate Skyrim
Collection by: Morality Gradient
This collection is aimed at improving your Skyrim experience without departing from the general feel of the vanilla game. Included are a host of graphics mods, a few audio mods, gameplay fixes and tweaks, and some minor content addition. Some criteria ...
superdry`s pack of awesome
Collection by: simon.sedgwick
a pack which includes armor,weapons,houses and mostly graphic enhancements
The Legend of Zelda Collection
Collection by: ︸︹ Rłŋκц︶︷
Here you have all the greatest mods based on the the legend of Zelda game franchise. Enjoy and remember, all credit goes to their respective authors.
Citrus' Assorted Game Mechanic Tweaks and Misc Mods
Collection by: Citrus
This is an assortment of mods I use that affect various aspects of the game, things like UI, NPC behavior, item carry weights, crafting ability, adding or removing animations, and so on. The main thing that ties them together is they improve my Skyrim exp...
Better Vanilla NPCs
Collection by: Sushi Cat
A collection of the mods I've been working on.
my stuff
Collection by: Dawnstar the sick but sexy pony
job colection
Collection by: joe
90% Double Gpu
Collection by: Beka
Use the ENB
Collective Robes of Destruction, Conjuration, and Illusion
Collection by: A Figment Of Your Imagination
This is a collection of the Ancient Psiijic Robes, the Corrupted Greybeard's Robe, and Mankar Cameron's Desert Attire, all made by me. None of them require any DLC, nor do people comment on your nudity whilst wearing any of this, as I used the magic of...
Artifacts of Old
Collection by: Ningakilla579
So I was thinking about some artifacts from previous Elder Scrolls games, (Umbra Sword, Sunder, Wraithguard, etc.) and wondered why Bethesda never put them into Skyrim. I decided I would take matters into my own hands and make some of these items. All of ...
Marriable Males and Females
Collection by: firestarawesome
Tired of all of the marriable NPCs? None of the people cool enough? Well, check here and see if your future spouse is waiting! :D
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: Daniel51898
Skyrim Enhanced is a few mods I found to make your game better and more interesting for players who want to explore their world and be a true warrior. These mods don't need any dlc's and are fully compatible if you do. These mods do change some textur...
Collection by: Mitch
Visivante's HD Skyrim (VHS) 3.0
Collection by: NordikaMan
1.0 was in alphabetical order. 2.0 was in proper load order. But had a few conflicting mods. 3.0 is in proper load order and has been thoroughly tested and now runs without conflicts.
Collection by: thedog98
lets play
RemuValtrez's Complete Perks Overhaul
Collection by: Hexerin
This is all of RemuValtrez's perks overhauls, put together in a single spot.
Skyrim Improved Gameplay Pack (NO DLC REQUIRED)
Collection by: Fortescue
This collection features various mods intended to make the game either more balanced, more fun, or just provide more variety and options to the player without breaking the core gameplay any worse than you already can normally. These mods should all be ...
Skyrim HD + Skyrim Vanilla Overhaul
Collection by: SaiXoo
The whole point of this collection is to install all the basic mod's that improve all aspects of the game.(Bugs, graphics and mechanics) A lot of people always have issues with compatibility, not sure what to do, and don't know where to start. So I am goi...
Skrim mods
Collection by: phoneskiy
My list of trusted mods
Monty's Skyrim
Collection by: MadMontyMN
This is a collection of cheats, additions, and mods that I have collected together, into one pile. I hope you enjoy the collection of spelling errors, grammatical errors and modifications I have, erm, collected.
Arderos's Skyrim Overhaul
Collection by: [B/1-187IR] Frost
Presented here is a collection of mods making Skyrim overall better. Almost every aspect of the game is touched more or less: a lot of graphic improvements, magic changes, new armor etc. Please note that some controversial changes are made also. If you d...
Collection by: NinjamanJosh
The lot of my nice house mods. Enjoy.
Rockbad's Gore Collection
Collection by: bryanashley1989
Collection of simple gore mods aiming to bring more realistic blood effects and ragdoll forces to combat; separate from my other collections for sake of optionality.
Skyrim Reborn
Collection by: Shantarr
THIS COLLECTION REQUIRES ALL SKYRIM OFFICIAL DLC, DON'T BE A B^TCH, SUPPORT THIS AWESOME GAME! (This is a living collection, check back often. Especially my co-workers - Don't slack!!!) This collection requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) versio...
Best Realistic Collection
Collection by: DiMeNsIoNs
This collection is very basic and no glitches and will not change the game. Realistic lighting with alot of eye candy. There is no fast travel except the carrages outside of the capitol cities. Camping is now in the game and is very useful ...
Collection by: Sob Rchneider
Unique Item Upgrades - Dragon Priest Masks
Collection by: 『 Baяble 』
A collection of mods made by me that buffs the enchantments on the nine vanilla Dragon Priest Masks, as well as changes them for different Heavy/Light/Mage armor playstyles.
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