The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Skyrim upgrade
Collection by: jess.wood88
Collection by: SuperChill
My Subscriptions
Collection by: lousyASSASSIN16
Mods for my homie
Skyrim Patches
Collection by: natyjay
Mod patches, mainly.
skyrim companions
Collection by: Nuka-Cola Freak
Skyrim Mods - Lush and Vivid
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
A list of mods to start anew in a different skyrim.
Starting Anew
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
Skyrim Mods - Starting Adventure
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
A list of mods to start anew in a different Skyrim.
TES: V Skyrim Legend Of Zelda Mod
Collection by: shin_gohadouken
Retextured + New Items/NPCs + Shader and Flora Overhaul
Collection by: °º¤øItsAnnyø¤º°
Retexturing Skyrim and making it more realistic - Many mods with new textures, new NPCs and new items like weapons, armor and food. No cheater-mods or carryweight stuff - js the best mods i could find :3
The Sensational Skyrim Steam-Only Collection
Collection by: Murder Most Rhetorical
The Sensational Skyrim Steam-Only Collection! I'm not a modder, nor am I anything but a casual who is too damn lazy to figure out how to use Skyrim Nexus. But! I have searched far and wide to find mods on Steam that improve the look and feel of the game ...
My Skyrim Setup
Collection by: ShadowX116
Just to show my friends what I'm using. :P
ed's things
Collection by: Vash
Skyrim - Living Things
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
A list of Pets, Followers, Races, Bosses, Animals, and Creatures.
Collection by: punx76
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim - Mods
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
List of mods that make Skyrim's atmosphere more interactive and 'realistic'.
Knifekill's mod pack
Collection by: knifekill
Just if you want to ._.
Collection by: Cesmedj
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