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Skyrim Addon
Collection by MjrD
Pimp my Skyrim
Collection by Shaggy_Dude
Yo dawg, I heard you like castles so we modded these castles into your Skyrim so you could play Skyrim in a castle.
Collection by Goat
Collection by el potato del kawaii
Collection by RoosterRanger
This is my personel collection of mods that I have found while roaming steam. I find these mods give you the feel of Corvo Attano ( Which is epic) and completely changes the feel of skyrim.All credit goes to creators and this was just an easier way of fin...
Must Have's
Collection by <=TSL=> Darth Odvind Kyras
A base collection of mods that subtely change Skyrim to a replayable game
Lord Chris
Collection by maximus92
my cheat colection
Collection by Gabens_son
Collection by McFearless
Image and sound improvements for Skyrim.
skyrim swag1234
Collection by Damon
Collection by warulw@BK KAPTEN
Game Enhancers
Collection by King
I made this for my own convenience.
DTn herkut
Collection by KIITOS KALLE
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by Decepticon1
Simply essential skyrim mods!
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by Decepticon1
Simply essential mods that keep the Vanilla game's direction, but enhance it both visually and mechanically.
Collection by EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!
Vanilla Micro-Fixes
Collection by BouncySpartan68
Nothing in here is a game-changer. All I'm setting out to do with this collection is to make a few small improvements to the vanilla game here and there. You can probably find most of these small changes included within other larger mods, so these are...
Collection by Pecs 'n Nuts
newbie friendly Skyrim mods
Collection by Jarl Ballin'
A small collection of essentials. These mods are all low-maintenance, meaning they are very easy to install, don't require you to download heaps of other things to make them work, and I haven't included anything buggy that will break your game or kill you...
Collection by oracle_bones
Beast Forms
Collection by XRuinX
All beast forms i've found, both replacers and non-replacers. Meaning dont downloaad them all or theyll contridict!
Simple mods of improvement
Collection by Zen
Put this together for my wife all stable and running well together( I have about another 18 mods running with all these haven't had a single conflict). I still think you should read any mods that might do similar things incase of conflicts.
my temp list
Collection by Rul3zr
This is just the mods im currently using as of 9/14/2013 using many more non steam one this one is partially related to my other collection
Assassins Creed Mods
Collection by Official REAL Jackmo
Assassin's Skyrim
Story Line who needs it
Collection by Death Phantom
These Mods all together will make it so you can almost never complete the main quest.
My Skyrim Favorites
Collection by Desu
A package of my personal favorite mods.
Collection by Slowax
Relics of the Lost City
Collection by Greyclaw
[DAWNGUARD REQUIRED FOR SOME WEAPONS] The Relics of the Lost City is a collection of weapons made by me, that tie together in a peice of Skyrim Lore I wrote called 'The Lost City'. Each weapon belonged to a king of the larger tribes of the Falmer that ...
Graphical boosts
Collection by SweetRoll's Revenge
Making Skyrim look pretty
Collection by Reeothec
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