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Skyrim mods
Collection by penamesolen
for modder til skyrim
Current mods
Collection by Gre( G_G )les!
my mods
Collection by kaj.jez
Collection by kaj.jez
Skyrim So Pretty
Collection by DireMuffin
I like Skyrim, and I have a pretty powerful machine - so I pulled out all the stops to make the game as pretty and immersive as possible.
Deidreias Collection
Collection by Deidreia
This was my mod list that I used but you can use it too if you want :D
Skyrim Mods
Collection by everettkays
Skyrim Mods
Collection by veronok
Skyrim Base
Collection by Raptor
Realismus und Grafik-Auffrischung
Collection by Aldoran
Für eine kleine auffrischung von Realismus im spiel und Grafik. (Welches Mammut hat bitte kein Fell?) Zum benutzen aller Mods wird die neueste version von SKSE benötigt: Bellas Faces und die anderen Charakterverschöner...
Austin Stable Skyrim
Collection by Heretic
Austins collection of skyrim graphic and sounds mods, tried to make it as stable as possible. Nothing really class specific so feel free to add in mods for assains, brawlers, etc. Town overahuls, water and terrian, spells and such. Crafting, imersion mods...
Skyrim alltime collections
Collection by Castabouteer
Skyrim stuff
Fusa's Basics
Collection by Fusahunter
don't use this
Fusa's Basics
Collection by Fusahunter
don't use this
Collection by Motopher
My own
Collection by leaglz
the mods i use
Wortnik's all encompassing collection
Collection by Wortnik
A collection of 87 mods covering Graphics, Gameplay, Audio, Quests, Crafting, Skills and everything inbetween. Tested for stability over the course of 1100+ hours although this is still ongoing. Tested using following spec: AMD Quad 4100, 2Gb Radeon HD785...
Collection by EvilSMERSH
Collection by jdwgoodlife
My set-up HD
Collection by [Tusncr] Alkalus
Makes Skyrim look nice with an ENB.
Collection by Shadow
For the entire family!
Collection by AIKI.IS.BACK
special weapons mods for pure steam add-on
Collection by AIKI.IS.BACK
many followers mods i like for pure steam add-on
Personal Mod Backup
Collection by The Oncoming Spook
I just use this to enhance the vanilla skyrim a little without the use of Nexus mod manager. In the event of my Skyrim data being deleted, this would be my go-to.
Collection by Witcher14D
Gameplay Enhancer
Collection by Dr Katata Fish
This is a list of mods I use to enhance Skyrim to the best it can be :D
i might use it
Collection by YourFatRival
mods i may or may not use
Mods To Reinstall
Collection by YourFatRival
Mods I am going to reinstall for skyrim
Lyandra's Ultra Graphic mod!
Collection by lyandra
Skyrim TOP Mods
Collection by ,,|,,(^^) Cyberathlete<>Djarum
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