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LucasAvis' Crafting and Items Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
This is a collection of Crafting mods and mods that affect item's. It is not completely Lore-Friendly. Some of the changes to items make it so that you can carry more, or you smelt things that you should not be able to or other. Hence I advise you re...
LucasAvis' Base Mods Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
A collection of mods that I think enhances the immersion and quality of Skyrim and the World. All Lore-Friendly and able to use together. Includes, Towns, Graphical Mods, Sounds of Skyrim and other miscellaneous mods.
LucasAvis' Questing Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
So this collection is about Lore-Friendly Quest mods, Fixes for Quests for when the dialogue and story do not match the actual actions, and some better rewards for radient quests where I think they should be.
LucasAvis' Magic & Combat Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
My collection of Magic and Combat mods. Should be self-explanatory, the mods improve combat and magic including when stealthed.
LucasAvis' Misc Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
Adds random or fun mods. Not Lore-Friendly.
Mods I Use
Collection by: Chaseung
Stuff I Use.
Drono's Collection
Collection by: DronoPuddinpie
An accident's collection for a better Skyrim
Collection by: An accident
This is a collection of the mods I'm using. I've put all the mods I think are good here. I hope this'll make your Skyrim experience more interesting and make your game last even longer.
Collection by: darkhgee
Collection by: chillman
Collection of recommended Armour's and 'Armour Mods'
Collection by: mikitan_fox
A more lively Skyrim
Collection by: CLG xHamster
This should be interesting...
Collection by: CPR: Mr Traceer
I just made this to share the mods I use with my friends, However if you like it have fun!
Collection by: CaptainDeagle62
This Mod Is Located In The BreezeHome At Whiterun.This Mod Comes With A Dagger And A Sword Witch Will Drain There Health And Give It Too You.The Damage Is About 300 Damage Each Kills Giants In 5 Hits.
Must Have Mods
Collection by: mehkat
These are just some mods I highly recommend. I put this together for a friend who is new to the use of mods and wanted somewhere to start. This collection includes things like weapons/armors/houses/spells and various gameplay or visual tweaks that ...
Collection by: vova.noskov.1994
Dammekos Collection
Collection by: Dammekos
A collection of my favorite Skyrim mods for my friends to use.
More conjuration
Collection by: CHICKENCAKE
a collection for the old conjurer. Summon heimskir and his my little pony army conqeur all.
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