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The Honorable Collection
Collection by: Carrot Nose
This is a collection of all the mods that I use myself. They give a more realistic and expandable experience to the game. Hope you like what you see.
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: Disting
This collection features a large variety that doesn't interfere with the gameplay of Skyrim. I've made sure to add mods that simply enhance the experience through audio and visuals. There have been no compability issues for me.
Adventure Mod-Pack
Collection by: kingstoNN
In normal Skyrim you are usually running from quest to quest, but now, you have to prepair for every single one. This Adventure-Collection adds a lot of new features to your Game, for the best survival feeling ever! (I´m sorry if there are some Eng...
Xan's Ultimate Skyrim Experience
Collection by: xanderthegray
*Includes Dawnguard only content* *UNOFFICIAL SKYRIM/DAWNGUARD PATCHES NEED TO BE PLACED CORRECTLY IN THE LOAD ORDER. SEE PAGES.* *Lore correct* A package for adventurers that enjoy a beautiful, challenging world to explore. High res packs, combat s...
Sky 50
Collection by: Lemonocle
I've narrowed down my selection of mods from 150 to 50, because we all know running 150 mods is going to have conflicts. So here is skyrim's top 50 overall game-enhancing mods. May have to choose between SoG and Moonpath still.
less boring Skyrim
Collection by: Julian
some mod to make skyrim less boring :)
Maxx's Followers Collection
Collection by: maxx130
This collection contains all the followers that i've used and i think you'll like. I've also added mods that enhance the followers looks and what you can have them do besides the basic commands that come with skyrim.
Realism and more adventures
Collection by: Ashley Scott
These mods are from nexus and also from subscribing here. They add reality, difficulty, practicality and lore friendly fun to the game. Be a druid! Change into a sabretiger or a bear or a spider! Use the cosmos power instead of destruction power...
Lore Friendly Ultimate Mod Collection
Collection by: zezblit
This is my first ever anything on steam so bear with me :D I have recently become slightly obsessed with Skyrim mods and I tried telling my friends the virtues of this most noble of past times... they didn't listen or said they could be bothered, so i've ...
My Favorite Things
Collection by: Rsdnt-Evle
My collection is based simply on things I think improve the game. A few of the things are mine, which naturally I would find useful. ^^ Other mods are either graphical, make things better and/or easier, or are just plain fun to use. There's no particular ...
Survive the adventure
Collection by: CyberWing89
I have some questions for you. Do you want your adventures to be a little more depending on your survival skills? Do you want to play on a flute? Do you want to go to a island far from Skyrim? Do you want to wield a keyblade? Well, if you klick tha...
Tigerstudios Essential Collection
Collection by: Michael
This is my collection of favorite Skyrim Mods. I really like the immersive factor that these mods add to the game a lot and I think you will as well. Hope you like them Michael
Awsum Skyrim Collection
Collection by: aurora
It is awsum.
Beginner Mods
Collection by: ƬΉΣDIПGƧ
Dies sind alle meine Anfängermods von der Magierhütte bis zum Kriegerzelt! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are my Beginner's Mods. I'm still working on translated Mods, so the...
Light compilation for enjoying (with in-game items)
Collection by: Leenominai
Light compilation for an enjoyable game (with in-game items). Light compilation for an enjoyable game (standart version): Order - by type object: Weapons Retextured cre...
Skyrim Shippuden
Collection by: Nyo
Naruto in Skyrim Manche Mods sind nicht bei Steam Erhältlich aber im Skyrim Nexus Link zu den anderen Mods:
Skyrim at its Best
Collection by: Bathroom Noises
A collection of some mods that make skyrim great.
More Like Morrowind!
Collection by: Little Silver Girl
The goal of this collection is to make Skyrim as the title says, more like Morrowind. I will try my best to make collect the best of the Morrowind mods and put them here.
Longer Dragon Battles 8x
Collection by: snowgim
Dragons have 8x more health. Battles last significantly longer. Dragon battles should be more epic. Vanilla dragons are well balanced, but too quick to die. Now when fighting dragons, those NPC guards aren't just an annoyance, you may need the whole to...
Longer Dragon Battles 4x
Collection by: snowgim
Dragons have 4x more health. Battles last moderately longer. Dragon battles should be more epic. Vanilla dragons are well balanced, but too quick to die. Now when fighting dragons, those NPC guards aren't just an annoyance, you may need the whole town...
NK Enhancement Pack
Collection by: ねか
This pack is made with all the visual mods that I've been playing, they're a nice boost to Skyrim visuals and all of them are tested together and work nice and smoothly. They give to the game the "touch" that it originally lacks. This Pack also works n...
Dangerous Monsters
Collection by: Malvolio The Sundering Phunt
No longer do skyrims beasts become minor pests at level 15, Dangerous Monsters changes the stats of creatures such as trolls, bears and sabre cats, making them formidable foes. I was saddened to see that how rappidly Skyrims wild animals turned fro...
Map Markers Modules - Open Cities
Collection by: Sarthes Arai
Collection of my "Map Markers" Mod Modules for people using the Open Cities mod. Adds Map Markers to Shrines, Temples, Camps, Houses, Ruins, and other places. For the entire collection in one mod, see
Immersive Skyrim
Collection by: Andarne
This collection is my personal attempt at making The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as immersive and faithful to realism as possible. Along with a few bugfixes, and mods that aren't on the Workshop, I believe I've achieved it! As always, please pay att...
How I Like My Skyrim
Collection by: Hybrid
Its How I Like My Skyrim. I Hope you like some of these mods i have put together. IMPORTANT: Any exceptions to them all working together will be under here: - AFT created followers can be buggy with the lanterns sometimes. - Handyman + Playable i...
Skyrim: User Experience Enhancements
Collection by: Pidd
This collection of mods aims at smoothing out parts of the Skyrim user experience that are tedious, repetative, or annoying. Mods in this collection do not effect gameplay mechanics.
Artifact Pack
Collection by: Samagon
Skyrim the OverHaul Collection
Collection by: theWarmaster [FoS)
This collection of mods known as "Skyrim Over Haul" series was created by Talrin and no credit goes to me what so ever. All these mods are created by Talrin for Skyrim by Bethsedia Works. I'm creating this collection for 2 reasons. 1 because Talrin did...
Weightless & Lighter things
Collection by: maclever
I decided since i like having less reality in my game and not relying on god cheats and items, i would compose this collection. its all of the -weight mods (as i find them i will add them), not one mod in it is a +weight. a major shout out to those who ma...
Jordangander's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: jordangander
My collection of Skyrim Mods. --------------------------------------- Houses: Build your own home {A must have for people unsatisfied with the normal houses} [made better with some nexus only mods] Dragon falls manor {A nice home by a waterfall} ...
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