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Stuff 2
Collection by: CruNkFUnK
Mods I Use
Collection by: Chaseung
Stuff I Use.
Drono's Collection
Collection by: DronoPuddinpie
An accident's collection for a better Skyrim
Collection by: An accident
This is a collection of the mods I'm using. I've put all the mods I think are good here. I hope this'll make your Skyrim experience more interesting and make your game last even longer.
Collection by: darkhgee
Collection by: Full-Pint
Collection of recommended Armour's and 'Armour Mods'
Collection by: mikitan_fox
A more lively Skyrim
Collection by: Your Dad
This should be interesting...
Collection by: Mr Traceer
I just made this to share the mods I use with my friends, However if you like it have fun!
Collection by: CaptainDeagle62
This Mod Is Located In The BreezeHome At Whiterun.This Mod Comes With A Dagger And A Sword Witch Will Drain There Health And Give It Too You.The Damage Is About 300 Damage Each Kills Giants In 5 Hits.
Must Have Mods
Collection by: Kin.rawr
These are just some mods I highly recommend. I put this together for a friend who is new to the use of mods and wanted somewhere to start. This collection includes things like weapons/armors/houses/spells and various gameplay or visual tweaks that ...
Collection by: vova.noskov.1994
Dammekos Collection
Collection by: Dammekos
A collection of my favorite Skyrim mods for my friends to use.
Collection by: Kardeem18
Collection by: Dclyde
This comes with some of the mods for Game of thrones.
Basic Enhanced Magic
Collection by: Janatron
my stuff
Collection by: SamaritanBT
stuff to make skyrim better in game play
Baknik's Archery Collection
Collection by: Baknik
My favorite archery mods.
Katakraos modis
Collection by: katakraos
Mods que me han gustado
set that works together on my computer #1 RePi
Collection by: Calst85(aka Steve)
mods I operate with one save of skyrim
Estel necessary must have mods
Collection by: Estel
Mods I don´t play with out them.
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Rings
Summer Fashion
Collection by: MPAK [RUS]
In Skyrim, not too cold to wear a much clothing. This mod is partly bares feminine dresses, removing excess clothing from the legs, arms and abdomen. The mod is in development and will be updated occasionally.
Immersive skyrim
Collection by: Rad Wagon
This collection aims at improving skyrims enviroment with items like forests, villages, npc, lighting, textures and other smaller generics for improved gameplay.
Jelloshot Female Followers
Collection by: matthew.smith94
a compilation of authors followers
The Archer's Sidearm
Collection by: Skellington
Just a simple mod. As an archer, I was sick of enemies getting close and stomping me, so I made this melee weapon that scales with Archery levels and perks. It has 10 base damage and I improved some of the dagger's other stats like speed to stick it t...
Collection by: ^8Ne^1gr|x
Steelblade's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Steelblade
Mods that I used in my game.
Silver's Skyrim Basics
Collection by: Silvershadowfire
Just a few basic things I think that should have been included in the vanilla game. Or things that just make life a little easier, without being gamebreaking. I dislike gamebreaking mods.
Collection by: mafiacarstarter
Personal collection for syncing between accounts.
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