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Real Skyrim
Collection by: Agadruck
Эта коллекция содержит множество плагинов на Skyrim. Они делают игру реалистичнее и интереснее.
Ten'son's Collection
Collection by: Ten'son'
Amazing mods, for an amzing game. These are the mods that I actually use. Don't forget to subscribe to : Towns and Villages Enhanced: Collection -> Enhanced Cities -> http://steamcommuni...
Sword Crushers Pack Of Hell
Collection by: Mercellis
Sword that will crush your enemy straight to hell. First of all i wanna say thanks to all the modders that made these mods real, i hope they make much and much more ;) If ur awsome weapon mod isnt in here please comment wich mod i have to ad to this...
Summon an Army
Collection by: monkey245
A colection of all my Summon an Army mods (more will be added)
A group of diverse immersive mods
Collection by: Aeon
Just a collection of immersive mods
Legends Skyrimmods
Collection by: Legend
The Graphic Collection of Uncle Remus
Collection by: Kongtona
My mod compilation, featuring amazing graphic enhancement at a very low FPS cost!
Barlov's Skyrim Modlist ~ Asthetics
Collection by: Barlov Monkiss
(Updated: 14 July 2012) I use NMM, but I'll attach mods I find on Steam > --- Asthetics Only --- DRT: FR: NI: ...
My Collection
Collection by: Rainy.Night
I wouldn't use this. It's a simple list of the mods that I've been using. I didn't gear this collection for public use.
Collection by: convictkiller
Books by J. R. R. Tolkien in Skyrim
Collection by: TΔGsvk
My collection of mods that adds Tolkiens books to Skyrim.
Balanced End-Game
Collection by: Solace
This is a collection of mods that i am putting together to help balance endgame Skyrim. In general expect some scaled nerfs to melee and buffs to Magic. I try to make things do the damage they should do while maintaining immersion.
Mods français - Poiuytrezaur
Collection by: Ashura
Voici un regroupement de mods français, n'hésitez pas à vous abonner !
Skyrim Immersive Dungeons Lighting Overhaul
Collection by: AceeQ
It has always bothered me in Skyrim, that the dungeons are so brightly, although they should be neglected and partially abandoned ruins and dungeons, but what makes all that light into there? Immersive Scary and Dark Dungeons is changing the brightness...
MY Skyrim MODS
Collection by: {AJ}FuckinAwesomeness
MY SKyrim Creations
More Like Morrowind!
Collection by: Kani ✿
The goal of this collection is to make Skyrim as the title says, more like Morrowind. I will try my best to make collect the best of the Morrowind mods and put them here.
Weightless & Lighter things
Collection by: maclever
I decided since i like having less reality in my game and not relying on god cheats and items, i would compose this collection. its all of the -weight mods (as i find them i will add them), not one mod in it is a +weight. a major shout out to those who ma...
Skyrim Plus
Collection by: Doctor Sheriff
A collection of mods to enhance your Skyrim experience.
Tsion's Personal Collection
Collection by: Wheyn Delkadous
Ok not good at this, this collection is of my own personal taste. A majority of it is from another collection based on enhancing visuals. As some of the mods you will probably recongize. Ohter are of ones that I have sought out on my own to deepen game pl...
Natsumaki - 29-06-2012 MOD Collection
Collection by: I am Illuminati
29-06-2012 MY FAVOURITE MOD COLLECTION AS OF 29-06-2012 Also Includes 3 MODs from Skyrim Nexus -Vampire Overhaul - no perks: -Knight of Thorns Armor + Spear: -E...
Schmieden - Deutsch
Collection by: NewGamingTV
Diese Mods sind Erweiterungen für das Schmieden in Skyrim
Ultimate Skyrim Collection
Collection by: CSQUARED
Private Collection to make adding mods for myself easier
Enhanced Skyrim
Collection by: Schreiber
DISCLAIMER: None of these mods were made by me, I've just made a collection of the mods I use, when I play The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, to make sure I could easily find the ones I liked again. Credit is due to all the creators,they've done a great job, I ha...
Pointless Fun
Collection by: Cyber Sheppie
A collection of Mods that won't actually enhance gameplay or add more quests, but more for pointless fun. Enjoy
Collection by: RoosterRanger
This is my personel collection of mods that I have found while roaming steam. I find these mods give you the feel of Corvo Attano ( Which is epic) and completely changes the feel of skyrim.All credit goes to creators and this was just an easier way of fin...
Collection by: scorpiovaeden
This collection of companions brings you the heroes and villains of Final Fantasy 8. To create the look of the characters you will need to use several mods that are found on the skyrim nexus. Below is a list of available companions, as well as mods....
Collection by: Lord Drogan
A collection of mods that don't clas and improve the game in general without altering the original experience too much.
rabiidfurball - Mods
Collection by: rabiidfurball
My Mod set. All in one.
Skyrim от Neo
Collection by: NeoKms(WubWub)
Всё для того, чтобы по-моему мир скайрима выглядел лучше! Обязательный енб для этого!
Realistyczna Grafika
Collection by: Human
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Ważne linki -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Skyrim Nexus Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) Skyrim Skript Extender (SKSE) http://skse.sil...
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