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Mods that enhance but not destroy skyrym
Collection by: (DAPPR)Noobgamer1
This collection is purly designed at increasing the quests and loot and items and hours spent in game BUT without make you god.You can pick and choose since there are 100 + mod so PICK YOUR CHOICE OF AWESOMNES. Now some of my mods also come from nexis mod...
Skyrim Quests
Collection by: Merte
Quests and adventures for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Oblivious Horses - Various Versions Collection
Collection by: Voodu
A collection featuring all versions of Oblivious Horses and Oblivious Shadowmere including the new Dawnguard ready versions. Choose the version that suits you best.
Deutsche Community
Collection by: XDGamer93
Bungle's Starter Pack (Performance and Gameplay)
Collection by: Bungles [HAX]
For Friends of mine to get started in Mods for Skyrim.
Creation Kit Steam Group "Skyrim Underwater Mod Jam"
Collection by: IcyDeadPeople
In celebration of Skyrim's awesome new underwater visuals following Patch 1.5, the Creation Kit Steam Group has announced an Underwater Mod Jam contest calling for new underwater mods. The idea is to flesh out some of the vast underwater area that look...
Reddit Recommended - Vanilla
Collection by: Fire
This collection contains mods which are considered to be mandatory for Skyrim that is recomended by members on the /r/skyrimmods subreddit. Mods included change a varitey of aspects which differ in degrees of usefulness from quest fixes to complete overha...
Monty's Skyrim
Collection by: MadMontyMN
This is a collection of cheats, additions, and mods that I have collected together, into one pile. I hope you enjoy the collection of spelling errors, grammatical errors and modifications I have, erm, collected.
Flounce's Mod Pack
Collection by: Flounce
This is a collection of the Mods I've made. Although the are perfectly usable separately all these were built to play as one Mod.
The Wood Chopping Collection
Collection by: Teh_Reel_Batmun
Includes mods that change the wood chopping system. Wood Chooping Extended features added chopping blocks in all major cities, a wood chopping sanctuary near Riverwood, and endless wood chopping in all major cities. Weightless Firewood makes firewood weig...
Macadamstreet's stuff
Collection by: macadamstreet
The Official place for all my mods ^^ i always do some fun shit around, dont ask me why XD my latest WIP:
Ultimate Skyrim Experience
Collection by: Photonic_Phoenix
The Ultimate Skyrim Package If you are eager to enjoy these mods I have included an overview pf what these will give you: - Multiple Questlines - New areas including an island or two (Wyrmstooth) - New towns and cities - INew and improved armor, sh...
The Darker Side of Skyrim: A Crime UltraHaul
Collection by: crackknuckle
We all have our own little sick pleasures, why not indulge in them? Lets face it, septims aren't easily earned if you play by the rules and of course it's always fun to do a little bit of "cheating". Why should you have to work hard in an iron mine when t...
Mejoras gráficas y otras cosillas
Collection by: SrKlein
Pack de mods que para mi gusto deberían ser básicos a la hora de empezar a jugar al Skyrim La mayoría son mejoras gráficas y añadidura de detalles para dar más vida y realismo al juego Otros mods que no he conseguido encontrar por el Workshop: ...
More Interactive Items
Collection by: JustinOther
All "More Interactive Items" plugins. DLC supplements require the main file which must be loaded before them. Example load order: [00] Skyrim.ESM [01] Update.ESM [02] Dawnguard.ESM [03] HearthFires.ESM [04] More Interactive Items.esp [05] Mo...
Fangs Reborn: Vampirism Overhaul
Collection by: Twenty-One
That's the union of three of my mods: 1) Blood Driven, that rearrange vampirism powers and stages in a way that you get stronger as you feed - not the opposite. 2) Blood Pool, that allows vampiric powers to be used more than once a day, consuming y...
Overseer's Star Wars Options
Collection by: Overseer
These are all the (good) Star Wars-related mods I have found so far. Pick and choose as you like. This collection does not overlap with my "Core" collection, so check that one out, too. The "Core" set is intended to be used as a group, but these "Options"...
Fixing Potions in Skyrim
Collection by: David Sid
Potions and poisons in vanilla Skyrim are odd. They're sorted haphazardly, with several different naming schemes across the various types. Potion recipes sometimes refer to ingredients that don't exist. Finally, Restore potions are so powerful and abundan...
Remelting Stuff - 1.1 -
Collection by: Ikor
You can remelt the armor on every melter You can't remelt Leather Armor or anything like that Current Sets: 01. Iron Set 02. Steel Set 03. Dwarven Set 04. Orcish Set 05. Ebony Set 06. Daedric Set 07. Elven Set 08. Glass Set 09. Arrow Set 1...
Essential Skyrim Bug Fixes / Changes
Collection by: PrimalWrath
A collection of mods that make simple, yet wholly essential changes to Skyrim, either in the form of bug fixes or alterations to dubious design decisions (Alliteration FTW) by Bethesda. No performance loss or major changes to the look or feel of vanill...
SKYRIM mods collected by hedzsoooAkaHeyJoe
Collection by: HeyJoe[HUN]PC RPG Community
You can fin here my personal fav mods in the collection, enjoy!^ NOTE: It`s a new list, but I will add MORE imtes/mods to my list soon! ;)
(150+ Grafik Mods) Deutsch
Collection by: Linex
Hallo meine lieben Sieben,heute habe ich für euch die ultra krasse Yolo Skyrim Grafik mit über 150 Mods. Das gute daran ist, ist das die Mods zusammen arbeiten, allerdings könnte es sein das euer Spiel abschmiert, deshalb emphele ich euch sehr oft zu ...
Skyrim: Enhanced - Collection I
Collection by: Solid Snake
This collection has the intent of making the life of whoever visits my Skyrim guide of the same name a little bit easier. Guide:
My favorite mods for content
Collection by: sgtwinkler
All of my favorite mods that add content, gameplay time, characters, and items to the game.
World Enhancements
Collection by: KI113R L3M0NZ
Mods that change textures and filters. - Climate - Sky - Terrain - Water - Rocks - Foliage
Skyrim France
Collection by: Keldare
Cette collection est entièrement faites à partir de mes créations, toutes françaises bien sur.
Ultimate Realism
Collection by: Dread Pirate Bob Marley
A collection of compatible mods that give Skyrim an incredible amount of realism, turning the formerly dull, uninspired combat into a frantic whirlwind of blood and steel. Best used with Frostfall (, on Maste...
Skyrim: Ultimate Edition
Collection by: ShinyMcShine
This is my personal selection of mods to enhance many different aspects of Skyrim. The majority of these mods are cosmetic enhancements and do not drastically alter the core gameplay in any way. This collection is for anyone who likes Skyrim and simply...
Crossbow Collection
Collection by: RemnantSoldier
Make crossbows craftible/purchasable.
Mods I highly recommend for an improved game experience.
Collection by: Menarra (DagothAgahnim)
This is just a list of the mods I have downloaded and enjoyed that I feel enhance the experience of the game. This is not a list of EVERY mod I have, just the ones I feel that really add a lot, in big or small ways, and I highly recommend them.
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