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Kiefer's Subscribed Mods
Collection by: Kief
my subscribed improvement mods
Azure1354's Essential Skyrim
Collection by: azure1354
This is a collection of mods that is based off of my Ultimate Skyrim collection ( This collection narrows the Ultimate Skyrim collection down to just a few mods that I consider to be essent...
Collection by: Ommadon24
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii colection
Unintrusive Improvements
Collection by: ItsMeRyanB
Mods that improve the graphics or game-systems in a way that feels natural in Skyrim.
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Utilities
Collection by: Ebola Confirmed
fuck ya
Collection by: jbrnhgn
fuck ya
The Cat and Chris Mega Skyrim Pack
Collection by: Tony A-Bomb
This is a pretty awesome thing
Collection by: Readable
the homes i have created in one neat little package
Collection by: todt
is voll super
castle bloodvain
Collection by: N.Y. Taliban
Collection by: Brett_Ashbaugh
Collection by: Notacrook Nixon
The Envirohaul collection is a mod collection that aims to collect the most outstanding mods for enhancing the terrain of Skyrim. I take no credit in any way, shape, or form, for the building and programming of the mods in this collection. Any credit sh...
Max' Modlist
Collection by: Ihrem Arzt oder Apotheker.
These are simply the mods I have downloaded to improve game experience. They function alongside except with dawnguard. Enjoy.
Collection by: JpDeathBlade
The mods that I use while playing Skyrim.
Ecchi Your Skyrim
Collection by: animemeer
This is just a bunch of anime-like mods I'm trying to put together.
Skyrim Graphical Update
Collection by: [Uniduo] Jack Benny
This is just a collection from someone that is purely a User. I haven't contributed to the workshop in any way, I'm just an everyday player. Love Skyrim, love mods, and thought it'd be cool to see what people have done with the game. It's light, all graph...
Collection by: SDP Ragequit
3. versuch
Collection by: nshine11
Dovakhin's choice
Collection by: lontiys
Everything that is necessary/
Ice Pack
Collection by: Atukanuva
This is a colection of the best ice mods on the Skyrim Workshop. I do not take credit for any of them, I just put them in a colection.
Vampire Hunter Follower
Collection by: CatCannon
She a good with the bow and onehand weapon and I need to work on the "follow me" thing but use Amazing Follower Tweak mod to mange her! sorry :(. She at whiterun Hall of the dead catcomb? where all the dead people are at.
Tists Skyrim Collection #3 -Miscellaneous 1.0 [ENG]
Collection by: TiST
Lord Auxtrilion's Domain
Collection by: Auxtrilion
The best and coolest mods in the realm.
Nevalia's Mod Box
Collection by: xNevalia
My collection
Rockbad's Rated Environmental Essentials
Collection by: bryanashley1989
This mod is more about texture replacement, with a few exceptions. Also includes links to the Sounds of Skyrim. Water Redux.
Skyrim improved
Collection by: Decard Pain
My attempt to improve on everything I felt was wrong with skyrim.
Collection by: Stubby
What i think skyrim needs changed.
Collection by: CruNkFUnK
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