The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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New Worlds/Provinces That Are Awesome
Collection by: tHe_WaRm_RaInDrOp
This is a collection of awesomeness that ive seen so far.
Collection by: bstboy
The Mods I Use
Collection by: Angel Eyes
my favs
Collection by: teque3000
Collection by: MEGA SHAD0WW0LF
SquirrelQueen's ExtendedOST
Collection by: SquirrelQueen [VGA Turbo]
This is a collection of all the ExtendedOST mods created by SquirrelQueen. I will be setting up mediafire account soon to share these mods for those who have any problem with the Steam Workshop, I would upload these to the Nexus but I am afraid they wo...
Graphics and Graphics
Collection by: General Lee Insane
It's graphics, graphics, and more graphics. You can never have enough graphics.
Captain's Collection
Collection by: VDV - Hello from the sky!
This is the collection of mods which I am currently using in Skyrim. It adds various new content such as cool new armours and clothing pieces, random quests and new environments and unique weapons. The Throwing Weapons mod is one of my favourites, sin...
mega mods
Collection by: дейка
снятие зачерований
edomeno's collection
Collection by: Edomeno39
le migliori mod per TES V scelte da edomeno by Ninja&Dovahkiin
Badass Immersive
Collection by: Gremline
this is my mods i use to play skyrim with and i what to sare them with everone you can find this on Skyrim Nexus sorry for no link Skyrim redone Alpha Werewolf Better Animal footsteps Bow and Arrow Sounds BZA One-handed and Dual wield CharGen core ...
Skyrim Mods Everyone Should Have
Collection by: jred0224
>These are the mods that take your Skyrim experience from awesome to whatever is considered better than awesome. >Everyone should always have these in their game, and I'm suprised Bethesda didn't include any of these features. >Do yourself a favor, ...
Cardboard's Skyrim Mod Master Collection
Collection by: CardboardBox
A collection of collections of my favorite skyrim mods. I try to pick mods that enhance the vanilla skyrim game (i.e. No My little pony followers or Machine guns). I Have used all these mods personally and there should not be any conflicts between mods. T...
my shit
Collection by: ddblackadder777
Rickyfox's Good Times Mods
Collection by: rickyfox
Some text
Current Skyrim Setup (7/30/13)
Collection by: Locke
This is just to make it easy for my friends to grab some basic mods.
Mi coleccion de mods
Collection by: galen.kos
Pequeños reajustes
Check Out Latter
Collection by: doomfish42
Might be interesting. Will get back to these some other time.
The Lets-Play Collection
Collection by: deanfv
This is a modpack I've put together which includes 200 different mods that make skyrim look, feel, and play better. They add new aspects to the game, as well as fill holes in the game that felt immersion breaking, empty, or unforfilled. Almost any rolepla...
Must have for Skyrim adventures. "For my taste anyway :P"
Collection by: Appendix "Cobblepot <3"
Some goodies that r available in beautiful Skyrim Province located in Tamriel. Apachiiskyhair is needed if want to use the "Shakuntala - Lore-friendly, Marriagable High Elf Rogue V1" more info in http://steamcommu...
Collection by: highstakes.r
Collection by: Azarias
Lord of the rings
Collection by: ʆęąţɦęɾƭąƈę
Einfach nur fucking geil ^^
Graphic MODS I'm using
Collection by: Sinister
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Daghost52
skyrim enb real
Collection by: Redcartel
tout ce qu'il faut pour le real enb
skyrim 5
Collection by: mrbond1938
My Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Zaigadeke
Meine Kollektion
Collection by: SawYaz
Ha sie mal zusammengestellt, könnt ihr ja mal Testen, Hearthfire vorrausgesetzt, Spiel am besten af Englisch
mr.e`s awesome mods
Collection by: Mr.LordOfPants
it is just my subscribed mods for jokes and enhancments (i dont know if i spelled it correctly coz im norwegian) anyway have fun :)
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