The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Hugo's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: filovirus
These are mostly visual enhancement mods, although there a few like the civil war mod that change gameplay a bit.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Rafendilo
Skyrim: Set 1
Collection by: keybordkiller
The MoD's I like best.
Use dis
Collection by: Gleap
Shini's Collection
Collection by: Shini
I did not create these mods, but simply placing them into a collection together because they work and are fun.
Shini's Collection
Collection by: Shini
I did not create these mods but simply put them in this collection because they work well and work together while making the game even more enjoyable.
The Skyrim Mods I Use
Collection by:
An up to date list of mods i'm using in skyrim. I aimed to only add game enhancing mods for visuals and sound with minimal changes to the world itself. I have yet to add a shader mod for the finishing touches. Shaders are arguably the most visually pleasi...
♥cute mods♥
Collection by: writteninblood13
A list of some of my favorite mods that I highly doubt I could play without c:
Redusty's Favorites
Collection by: [HG] Redusty [A]
The collection
Collection by: blind_melon90
Just fun
Collection by: darioarrebola
Collection by: Ronin
Collection by: cosem
brewz adds
Collection by: mcleandan
Make Skyrim More Complete
Collection by: RandomFungi
Dylan, this shit is good and wont break anything.
Bloobster Approved Skyrim mods
Collection by: Bloobster[ßŦ]
This also entails the use of "SkyRe" mod. Which is no longer on the workshop. The nexus has it. Its very VERY nice. Requires Dawngaurd and Dragonborn
Sky mods
Collection by: Knight of Persona
for a friend
Collection by: Maxirom'_
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Ex Army MP
Great Skyrim Mods
TES:V - Essentials+ (dec 2013)
Collection by: ddezeeuw
The Essentials to create the best experience for Skyrim. It is a balanced collection between performance and visuals with all the essential enhancements and bugfixes from the community. With a better user interface, sharper textures and improved LOD t...
Mes ochoix
Collection by: Altec
mes options graphiques
Collection by: *Class*
Collection by: perfectwing
Spells, Weapons, and Armors
Collection by: [imbecile]Litero
Weapon and Armor Mods
Collection by: Superhobojld
This is just a collection that I put together that works really well together. Hope you like it! I'll be creating new mod collections soon so subscribe!
Collection by: [imbecile]Litero
Collection by: [imbecile]Litero
Artifacts for Skyrim
Collection by: [imbecile]Litero
Enhanced gameplay
Collection by: Bzdocha
Needs SKSE mod which can be downloaded here. enjoy
My current mods
Collection by: housebuilder96 FUN RO DAH
Just the mods that I'm using currently
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